Young woman walking in autumn/fall foliage, which is her zodiac sign's favorite thing about fall.

Your Zodiac Sign's Fave Fall Activity Will Have You Making Plans ASAP

So *this* is why I’ve been counting down to Halloween since July.

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Autumn is truly the best season of all. What with the fragrant chill in the air, the spiced cider, the array of pumpkin patches, and the Halloween movie marathons, what's not to love? If you're an autumn lover like I am, then you've been daydreaming of all the things you're going to do when fall finally begins on Thursday, Sept. 22. Let's get the seasonal discussion going, because your favorite thing about fall, according to your zodiac sign, will have you making your fall plans ASAP.

Because your zodiac sign says so much about your character and what you enjoy, the fall festivity listed here should fully immerse you in the upcoming holiday fun. However, all of these options sound good to me, and by no means should you limit yourself to just one. After all, every single zodiac sign affects us in some way, especially if you take a look at everything your birth chart has to offer. In fact, what could ever stop you from having it all during the fall season?

Aries: Having A Bonfire On A Chilly Day

With a warm fire crackling in the autumn outdoors, you can cover all your bases. You can spend time with your friends, win every seasonal game in the book, and get in the holiday spirit. Your all-encompassing nature would be fully satisfied.

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Taurus: All The Cinnamon Spice Flavors

Being the sensual earth sign that you are, you're probably just way too excited to have all five of your senses titillated by the autumn delicacies. Between pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pies, it's all that's on your mind.

Gemini: All The Halloween Excitement

Clearly, the best thing about autumn is all the Halloween festivities, and your expressive and social nature could never get too much of it. Plus, the fact that you get to wear a costume? I mean, say no more. Changeable Gemini is sold.

Cancer: Getting In The Holiday Spirit

You're all about the home, and when you have the chance to decorate your home with the autumn spirit in mind, how could you not be looking forward to it? Set up the spooky skeletons, hang up the orange string lights, and light some cinnamon candles.

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Leo: Designing The Best Halloween Costume

You're all about being the best of the best, and you're making damn sure that your Halloween costume is an absolute show-stopper. Whether you've got your eye on a costume contest or you're looking for a ton of likes on your Halloween IG post, you're game.

Virgo: Cozying Up With A Good Book

You're an intelligent thinker, so when it's finally cold enough to stay home and immerse yourself in a whimsical novel, you're unbelievably happy. Whether it's about monsters or witches, it does not matter. You'll read it all.

Libra: Autumn Fashion

Hello, can someone say thank goodness people are putting their sandals away? Fall is time for coats, tights, boots, and, best of all, sweaters. Your Venus-ruled heart is aching for some good fashion, and autumn always brings it.

Scorpio: All The Seasonal Films

You're a naturally dark soul and you thrive during autumn. You're honestly just counting down the days until you can watch every horror movie under the sun and marathon classics such as Halloween and Saw.

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Sagittarius: Embarking On A Fall Getaway

There's something so indescribably beautiful about the outdoors during fall and there's no way you're gonna miss it. You're probably planning enough cabin getaways and forest-laden hikes to last you all autumn long.

Capricorn: Carving Pumpkins

Your committed and hardworking nature prompts you to carve up the coolest looking Jack-o'-lantern of them all. With your eye for detail and desire to have the best-looking porch on the block, you'll probably finish several creepy fellas.

Aquarius: The Halloween Haunts And Fall Festivals

You're all about getting the whole group together and getting into the spirit of things. This is why you're signing yourself up for all the festivals and fall events, so you can party with the whole crew in holiday style.

Pisces: Going Apple Picking

There's just something so magical and meditative about picking apples in the autumn outdoors, isn't there? Your dreamy and thoughtful nature probably completely agrees. You could spend all day rolling around in the nature, collecting a whole basket.

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