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For These 3 Zodiac Signs, Fall Will Be The Season Of Romance

It may not be February, but love is definitely in the air.

Libra season is an amazing time of year for many reasons: your social calendar stays booked, your creative juices flow easily, and your love life seems to be sweeter. This Venus-ruled sign is all about encouraging connection, so if you’re looking for love, this time of year fully supports that. Whether that means creating better bonds within your friendships or your family, you’ll be uniting with others in a way that’s balanced and diplomatic. As the busybody energy of Virgo season begins to subside, tending to any relationships you may have been neglecting will likely be a priority. Every sign will be experiencing this energy in a different area of their chart though, but fall 2021 will be the most romantic season for these three signs: Aries, Gemini, and Libra.

This trio of zodiac signs will definitely be seeing a spike in their relationships throughout autumn, as the sun travels through an area of their chart that’s all about love. Whether it’s self-love, partnership-oriented love, or an exciting new sexual connection, this month will be all about the “other” person in their lives. While self-love should always come first, if you’re an Aries, Gemini, or Libra, you’ll definitely be extending that love outward this season. Here’s how:

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Aries: Your Relationships Will Be Top Priority

As the sun illuminates your seventh house of relationships this season, you’ll be eager to direct your focus to your love life. Your active, assertive nature tends to do well during a cardinal sign season, but since Libra is your exact opposite sign, this won’t necessarily feel like familiar territory. Libra is all about partnership and unity, while you tend to be motivated solely by your own independence. This is a time to remember that your relationships should be about teamwork, not just about you calling all the shots. Your ambition is something that your partners love about you, but it’s important to remember to allow them to take the lead sometimes too. Balance is everything, and you don’t always have to do everything yourself.

Gemini: Sex And Dating Are On Your Mind

Your playful, lighthearted nature tends to do really well during this time of year, as the air sign energy of Libra season feels similar to yours. This season for you is all about engaging in not-so-serious romantic interactions with others, as the sun travels through your fifth house of sex and intimacy. This is a great time to explore your options and have fun, which is something you love to do as it is. Plan some exciting outings, or get back on the dating apps to see what’s out there. You can honestly do no wrong during Libra season, so be sure to take the leap.

Libra: All Eyes Are On You

As a Libra, you tend to really thrive during your season, but that honestly comes as no surprise. Your partnership-oriented nature is at an all time high during the fall, and you’ll begin to notice that other people may have you on their mind a little more than usual. Your social, likable nature is attracting attention from all sides as the sun highlights your first house of self, so be sure to use all of this newfound attention to your benefit. Despite how busy you’ll likely be, now is a good time to explore what self-love means to you. Does it heavily involve another person, or do you find that you’re comfortable with being your own source of affection? Having a partner is nice, but it’s important to keep in mind that your value doesn’t diminish based on whether you’re in a relationship. This will likely be a great time for you to explore the role that relationships play in your life, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still bask in the attention you’ll be getting.