Cassie Howard in 'Euphoria' would make the perfect Halloween costume

29 IG Captions For Your Euphoria Halloween Makeup Look

“I have never, ever been happier.”

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HBO’s Euphoria has become a worldwide hit since it premiered in June 2019, and for obvious reasons. Moments of peace are rare in the show — a daring ensemble drama about teens in Southern California, with its trauma, dark humor, and tender moments of romance interlaced. Euphoria Sundays quickly became a Twitter tradition, and ever since the Season 2 finale aired on Feb. 27, fans were instantly wondering about the details on Season 3.

So when deciding what to be for Halloween, it’s a no-brainer to take cues from the show — especially with its iconic nail art and makeup looks like Kat’s graphic eyeliner, Jules’ metallic green eyeliner, and Maddy’s winged eyeliner with rhinestones (the show’s MUA literally launched a makeup line!). If you’ve already bought an eyeshadow palette as well as some body glitter, we’ve got you covered with some Instagram captions for Euphoria Halloween makeup that will make your glowing look stand out on your feed.

Odds are, you already have some scenes in the back of your mind — like Maddy’s hot tub monologue (and most things by Maddy this season, tbh), Cassie’s bathtub scene, Lexi’s play, and Maddy and Cassie’s fight — to recreate. That's all well and good. Toss on your makeup and set up your tripod. Then, let your creativity and imagination run free. When you have your final results, edit them with ethereal-looking filters, and even add in some additional sparkles by hand. These IG captions will be waiting for you whenever you're ready to post your look on your feed.

  1. "Taking a dip in the world of 'Euphoria.'"
  2. "You guys don't care as much about the rules." — Cal Jacobs
  3. "I'm just saying, love is a million things." — Maddy Perez
  4. "Does this makeup make me look like Rue?"
  5. "You're the Rue to my Jules."
  6. "Now streaming Euphoria."
  7. "Just waiting for my Emmy nomination for this performance."
  8. "Putting on the Euphoria soundtrack and having a photoshoot in this look."
  9. "At some point you make a choice." — Rue Bennett
  10. "So, who are you and what do you want?"
  11. "Living life one dramatic makeup look at a time."
  12. "Beauty is in the eye of the palette holder."
  13. "Hey, I'm the new girl in town."
  14. "Our generation does it differently, right?"
  15. "Picked out the most glittery shades in my palette, and turned myself into a Euphoria character for Halloween."
  16. "What's spooky is if you don't like Euphoria."
  17. "I hope this makeup look lasts forever."
  18. "Casually waiting for Season 3 of Euphoria over here."
  19. "Added a little bit of sparkle to my look."
  20. "In the television show of my life, I hope my character is played by Zendaya."
  21. "Suddenly, the whole world goes dark and nothing else matters except the person standing in front of you." — Rue Bennett
  22. "Meet me at the fireworks show."
  23. "Fireworks, ferris wheels, and deep feelings."
  24. “90% of life is confidence, and the thing about confidence is that no one knows if it’s real or not.” — Maddy Perez
  25. “I have never, ever been happier!” — Cassie Howard
  26. “It’s not her fault. She’s a writer.” — Suze Howard
  27. “B*tch, you better be joking.” — Maddy Perez
  28. “Memories exist outside of time.” — Rue Bennett
  29. “She was everything you could ever want in a woman." — Rue Bennett

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