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7 Crystals To Use If You Want More Energy In Your Life

Maybe you *don’t* need that extra shot of espresso.

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No one can deny that crystals are incredibly beautiful. They’re a wonderful addition to your personal space as they light up your environment with their iridescent light and shimmering effects. But did you know there are also crystals that give you energy? In fact, every crystal has its own symbolic purpose. Whether that crystal can give you a little peace of mind and comfort, or that boost of energy and power you’ve been searching for, crystals are a wonderful solution to your cosmic concerns.

However, before you go replacing your morning red eye from your local coffee shop with a crystal, let’s get a few things straight: Crystals radiate their own energies, but it’s up to you to work with that energy and cultivate it as your own. That’s why it’s important to develop your own relationship with your crystals. If you use one of the following crystals to give you some extra energy, motivation, and confidence, meditating on your crystal with these qualities in mind will only emphasize their power. It may take time before you feel that electric pulse a crystal can give you, but it’s 100% worth it.

Rest assured, there are so many crystals that ward off lethargy and help you get things done by providing a much-needed boost of energy (maybe even without that extra shot of espresso). So, the next time you're headed into an important meeting or want a nice boost during that lunchtime slump, consider adding one of these crystals into your day to lift your spirits and make you feel energetic AF.

A Quartz Crystal Can Basically Do It All

The quartz crystal is incredibly versatile, and it actually amplifies the energy of any other crystal you might have in your possession. Basically, you can program it to do whatever you want it to do, which includes adding a serious oomph of energy to your day.

Clear quartz can provide focus, channel the energy of all the other crystals, make you feel more at ease, and increase your overall vigor.

Ruby Can Increase Your Blood Flow And Stamina

The ruby is another highly energetic crystal that’s said to increase blood flow, renew your overall energy, and enhance your stamina. When you're using this crystal to fight fatigue, be sure to place it on either your sacral chakra or root chakra. These are located below your navel and at the base of your spine, and it's an ideal way of channeling the true healing powers of raw ruby.

Amber Can Give You All The Inner Power

If you're feeling kind of blah and simply can't bring yourself to get anything done, an amber crystal is here for the rescue. This stone stimulates a more positive and energetic attitude by harnessing the power of the sun. I’d suggest harnessing its energy right before a big test in school or big business presentation.

Amethyst Can Help You Power Through Emotional Exhaustion

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and nurturing stone that literally creates a field of protective energy around you whenever you use it. Whenever you feel like you're craving some extra caffeine or your mood is laced with negativity and fatigue, try placing an amethyst crystal on your brow chakra — aka your third eye — and simply laying in a meditative state while allowing it to work its magic.

Carnelian's Boost Beats Your Usual Cup Of Coffee

Carnelian is a beautiful amber stone that effectively boosts internal stamina and, to put it simply, can make you feel alive when you use it. The best way to get the most out of this particular crystal may be to actually wear it: According to the shop Tiny Rituals, accessorizing with a pair of carnelian earrings can be more effective than a cup of coffee when it comes to an instant boost of energy.

Seraphinite Will Make You Feel Human Again When You're Hungover

If a wild night out with friends led you to toss back one too many, seraphinite is the crystal that could help you make it through your inevitable hangover. Instead of experimenting with the array of hangover cures on the internet that promise to make you feel like a human again, try getting your hands on a seraphinite crystal to discover all its potential cleansing and detoxifying properties. Can't hurt worse than your headache, right?

Fluorite Is Here To Help You Focus And Get Things Done

If you're heading into an important meeting, or you simply need to focus on your extensive to-do list, fluorite could provide you with all the energy and productivity that you need. The pyramid-shaped stone may amplify all of your preexisting mental abilities and inspire a uniquely energetic focus by emanating energy through its pointy, triangular top. Ditch the caffeinated jitters, and try whipping out your fluorite instead — your body and mind will thank you.

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