How To Use Crystals To Re-Energize & Get Out Of Your Post-Holiday Slump

Stocksy/ Catherine Macbride

This has been a year-long triggering news cycle for many of us, who miss the days when Facebook was just a place we went to stare at people's lunch salads and stalk our exes. Now, the internet has become a place to fight with strangers, pressing "unfollow" like tiny emperors without a castle. If you're like me, you might feel the need for some magic in your life, so I've come up with a list of crystals to energize you during this extremely stressful time in the world.

Even if you're someone who stays completely away from the news, life itself can be a little exhausting when you aren't taking the time to feed your soul. I mean, think about it. You have to work, friends, take the time to eat, go to the gym, feed your cat, switch to alternate street side parking, go to the doctor... it can sometimes feel like life is one long "to do" list.

The truth is, life is about thriving, about enjoying yourself, whether you're running errands or on vacation in Mexico, so here are a list of the best energizing crystals to help you navigate your life like you're constantly on vacation.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a popular crystal for developing the heart chakra by protecting it against negative energy. This is obviously something that could help during the Thanksgiving holiday, when you're gathered around your dinner table and your uncle brings up politics and you desperately need to replace your negative feelings with some positive ones. Rose quartz can also be used in conjunction with Black Tourmaline, which is believed to offer protection against the absorbing of another person's negative thoughts and feelings. Tourmaline is also associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, known for their optimism and luck.

Black Obsidian

Stocksy/Luke Mattson

Black obsidian is a stone that can be used in weaponry such as arrows, blades etc., because of how sharp it is. It's also used for metaphysical protection as a stone that is believed to soak up negative energy like a sponge; thus allowing the owner of the stone to cut through any illusions of negativity or superstitiously negative beliefs.

I have some black obsidian now, and I keep it by my microwave, because the guy at the crystal shop told me that it can absorb harmful radiation around technology. Who knows if that's true, but I'll give it a shot.


Fluorite is believed to be a powerful stone for protection against electromagnetic stress from computers and technology. If you're someone who falls asleep with your phone by your ear or your laptop on your lap, this is the stone you'll want. Place it between your computer and your stomach (bellybutton is the perfect pocket for crystals) and hope to God there's some scientific basis for the belief behind this stone. We could all use some protection from technology related stress, but in the meantime, try stepping away from social media, while you're at it.

Ocean Jasper

Jasper is believed to have a soft, nurturing energy that develops a sense of the interconnectedness of every living being, encouraging self-love and compassion for others. It's also been said to enhance steady breathing in meditation practice. Don't meditate? No big deal, you can always focus on steady breathing, whether you're in a yoga studio filled with candles or a packed subway car full of yelling strangers.

In fact, taking your Ocean Jasper on the train is a great way to test this stone's strength, because if it can get you through rush hour on a crowded subway, it can get you through anything.