If You Have Everything But Still Feel Empty Inside, These Crystals Could Help

Karma Bliss

You have the relationship of your dreams, the job you've always wanted, an apartment you love, a wardrobe you're proud of and friends you have fun with.

Somehow, though, you still wake up in the morning with a feeling of, "What's the point of life?"

Human beings have a tendency to think in terms of "If I get this, then I'll be happy."

But once we get everything we want, we often come to the realization that unfortunately, all those Instagram quotes were right: Happiness really does come from within.

Karma Bliss

This is exactly the kind of life crisis that inspired Devi Brown (with her successful career in the music industry) to embark on a spiritual quest of her own and create a community called Karma Bliss.

The website reads,

Karma Bliss was created for those that hunger for a more fulfilled, resilient and whole life. We guide people on the path that leads to the real self. The journey of self-discovery isn't always easy, but it'll be the most exciting adventure of your life.

If you know you have everything you want in your life, but you feel like something is still missing, Devi has created a space to share all the tools she used in her own quest for more joy, peace and fulfillment.

Some of them include meditation, journaling, vision boards and one of my personal favorites, crystal therapy.

She even puts together specially curated crystal packages, or "Bliss Bags," for whatever you want to manifest in your life.

Karma Bliss

If you're thinking this is all bullshit, you might as well give it a try because even Khloé Kardashian is using crystals.

And if they're good enough for Khloé, they're definitely good enough for the rest of us.

Because make no mistake, there are two kinds of human beings in this world: The Kardashians and The Rest Of You.

And that is a direct quote from God. I swear, it's in the Bible.

Anyway, I got the chance to speak to Devi and ask her what her favorite crystals are and what to use them for.

Here's what she suggests:


"I never leave the house without citrine. This is a very personal crystal for me," says Devi, who suggests using citrine for manifesting success and strengthening personal will.

Citrine is "good for attracting opportunities toward you that are meant for you in a personal-destiny kind of way," says Devi.

And I have to admit, Devi was an inspiration for me. I wore my citrine necklace this morning.


I really love the name of this crystal, and Devi promotes it for bringing good luck to you spontaneously.

She says she carries it with her in her car and holds it whenever she finds herself in a traffic jam or when she's looking for a parking spot.

It's always good to know you have some sort of positive vibes on your side.

Clear quartz

Anyone interested in crystal healing should carry a piece of clear quartz with them wherever they go.

It's one of the first crystals I ever got when I was first getting into crystal healing myself, and while I don't have any hard scientific evidence or proof of its healing powers,  I can say I got a ton of compliments on the necklace.

Clear quartz "is an amazing purifier of energy, and is great for balancing the energy of the body, mind and soul," says Devi.

I think we can all use a little of that.

Karma Bliss

Those are Devi's top three crystals for spiritual seekers, but if you really want a handpicked batch for whatever it is you're looking for, you could always get yourself a curated Bliss Bag.

The site has them for love, emotional vitality, emotional healing and more.

And if what you're seeking is more specific, you can always reach out to email Devi yourself.

I'm seriously looking forward to getting my own.