'Encanto' merchandise on Etsy is something people have been looking for after watching the movie on ...
Shop Encanto Merchandise On Etsy If You Can’t Stop Talking About Bruno

Your casita needs some new decor.

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Since it became available to stream on Disney+, Encanto has taken over. Even your TikTok FYP may be filled with mashups, cosplays, and people just rocking out to “We Don't Talk About Bruno” or “The Family Madrigal.” There’s a lot to love about Disney’s latest animated feature film, and if you’re a big fan, you may be looking to shop Encanto merchandise on Etsy like Mirabel cards or Luisa sweatshirts.

You know you can always count on Etsy to have truly unique merch and home decor for any of your fandoms. So, whether you’re searching for Luisa merch or items related to “We Don't Talk About Bruno” (since it’s been stuck in your head all day), Etsy has it all. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, grab a cute crewneck sweater to wear during your next at-home movie night. There’s even home decor like an Encanto candle to light up your casita. Since you’re like Maribel and love your family more than anything, you could even get some Encanto greeting cards to send to your long-distance siblings or cousins. There’s truly something for everyone.

While you can always do a quick search for yourself, here is some of the best Encanto merchandise on Etsy to make shopping even easier. All you need to do is tap “add to cart” when something catches your eye.

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Casita Wall Art

While you may not have a magical home that comes to life like in Encanto, you can spruce up your place with some new wall art. This “hola casita” print is modern and minimalistic, but fans of the film will get the reference right away. It’s also available for digital download, so you can print it out and hang it up ASAP.


The Encanto Candle

In Encanto, the candle is what keeps the miracle alive in the casita. It’s an important part of the movie, and it can be a part of your home as well with this replica version. Unlike the candle in the film, you won’t ever have to worry about this one burning out because it’s battery operated.


Luisa Merch Crewneck

While “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is one of the best bops of Encanto, Luisa’s “Surface Pressure” is also in constant rotation on your Spotify. If she happens to be your fave character, you definitely need some Luisa merch. This cute crewneck, which reminds you to lift like Luisa, is the perfect cozy wear for just lounging around your home. After all, like Luisa, you deserve a little break.


Dolores Wall Art

If Dolores was your fave character, this wall art is definitely something you need. Printed on canvas, this piece will definitely add a pop of color to your bedroom or living room. The same seller even has an Isabela ($35) one to match.


Encanto Character Wax Melts

To make your home smell magical, get these Encanto wax melts from Etsy. The bundle of eight comes with different bars inspired by the characters in the movie, and each one has a different scent. For instance, Mirabel’s smells like mango sorbet and Luisa’s smells like magnolia, rose, and vanilla.


Encanto Greeting Card

This Mirabel felt greeting card is too cute, and your long-distance bestie or cousin will love to receive it in the mail. You could even frame it and hang it up on your wall as additional Encanto wall art.


Bruno Sticker

You can never have too many vinyl stickers. They’re perfect for decorating your laptop, water bottles, and even gifting to friends. This sticker is especially LOL-worthy and relatable if your fave character from Encanto is Bruno.


Bruno Sweatshirt

If you’re looking for more Bruno merch to add to your cart, this Fortune Telling sweatshirt is it. It’s more subtle than some of the other Encanto merchandise on Etsy, and only those who have been singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” nonstop will get it. The sweatshirt and hoodie options are both perfect for lounging around at home or wearing out in the winter.


Maribel Cross Stitch

For some DIY fun, you could get this Encanto cross stitch pattern. It’s perfect for getting your craft on, and afterwards, you’ll have a cute cross stitch design to hang up on your wall. The same seller also has a pattern for the casita ($3) and Bruno ($3) if you want more craft ideas.


Family Madrigal Art

Display the whole Madrigal family in your home with this Encanto poster. It breaks down the family tree like “The Family Madrigal” song does. The best part is that this wall art comes in seven different sizes to fit wherever you have the space.


Luisa Notebook

Luisa definitely deserves a little me time and self-care with all the pressure she’s under. If your form of self-care involves journaling, treat yourself to a new notebook. This Luisa merch will remind you to not carry more weight than you can hold as you jot down your to-do lists, manifestations, and things you’re grateful for.


Casita Patch

This casita iron-on patch is so vibrant and fun, making it a great addition to your fave denim jacket or tote. You can also just hang it up over your WFH desk with other Encanto merchandise you collect.

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