Emily Ratajkowski shows off her abs that she worked on with Emily Ratajkowski's ab workout from TikT...
Emily Ratajkowski's Ab Workout From TikTok Is Super Quick

Doing this routine will take just seven minutes out of your day.

It seems the latest celebrity it couple on everyone’s lips is Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson. While the dating rumors between the two have yet to be confirmed, all eyes are are EmRata at the moment. When she’s not hanging out with the SNL alum in NYC, Ratajkowski can be seen on the cover of magazines and modeling her swimwear line, Inamorata, on Insta. She’s not just a model, but an influencer as well. If you’re looking to get back into being active before the new year or you just want to switch up your existing workout routine, Emily Ratajkowski’s ab workout from TikTok is a fun place to start — and surprisingly enough, it takes less than 10 minutes to run through.

Now, the model has a famously laid-back approach to fitness, previously telling Bravo in 2018, “I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy.” For the model, that means going on “long walks and hikes,” per a 2015 New York Times interview, where she also revealed, “I don’t have a trainer, and I don’t really go to the gym.”

While walks are great for cardio, if you’re looking to have a strong core like EmRata, you’ll want to try an ab workout at home, like this viral one from TikToker @kaylaiutzwig. This ab routine routine from TikTok is inspired by Emily Ratajkowski, and definitely will give you a good burn each day.

Reverse Crunches

According to TikToker @kaylaiutzwig, who shared her version of Emily Ratajkowski’s ab workout, begin your routine with some reverse crunches. Instead of the traditional crunches you’re used to, lay flat on your mat and lift up your legs in the air. You’ll do this move for about 60 seconds.

Each one of these ab exercises is done for a minute, so you’ll be done with your routine in less than 10 minutes if you run through it just once. However, @kaylaiutzwig recommends doing the full routine twice “for best results.”

Bicycle Crunches

Staying on your mat, perform bicycle crunches for 60 seconds next. This is where you bring the opposite elbow to your knee, so it looks like you’re riding a bicycle on the ground.


A plank is a great core exercise because it really works out a lot of your muscles. Nike even shared that a traditional plank can work on not just your abs, but your back muscles, hip flexors, and leg muscles as well. Just remember to keep your arms shoulder-width apart.

Side Plank

From your traditional plank, switch to a side plank and hold each one for 30 seconds each. For this one, you’ll want keep your base elbow on the mat and place your other arm on your hips. Also, try to keep your body in line for a real burn.

Russian Twists

Next up, perform Russian twists, which is where you sit on your mat with your legs off the ground, slightly leaning back. You should be in a V-shape with your core engaged. From there, you’ll twist from side-to-side for about 60 seconds.

Mountain Climbers

Going back to the plank position, do about 60 seconds of mountain climbers. This is where you bring your knees in one at a time, so it looks like you’re climbing a mountain but on the floor. Try to keep your arms underneath your shoulders.

V Pulse

Lastly, hold the V-shape from your Russian twists while pulsing your arms for about 60 seconds. This will really burn after all the exercises you just did, but remember it’s only a minute long. You could even put on your fave song so the time goes by quickly.