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What your weekly horoscope has in store, Susie Evans on whether or not she'll date within Bachelor Nation, and more.

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Your Weekly Horoscope Will Distort Reality

Sagittarius season is bringing all kinds of good tidings and great joy — this sign is all about connecting with your hopes and dreams. Though it may not be the most realistic season, it’s certainly one of the most adventurous. Before this season comes to an end, it’s inviting you to dig a little deeper and embrace the unknown. Are you up for it? READ MORE

Susie Evans Is Ready To Meet Her Person — Just Not On TV

With bouncy curls, a striking resemblance to Hannah Brown, and a charming personality to match, Susie Evans seemed like a perfect candidate for the next Bachelorette — until, of course, she revealed that she and Clayton Echard rekindled their romance after filming. Although the couple called it quits in September, 29-year-old Evans remains a fan favorite for her popular TikToks and relatable sense of humor. READ MORE

11 White Lotus-Inspired White Elephant Gift Ideas

Rich people aren’t always the best gift-givers. Just look at the vacationers in The White Lotus Season 2. Sure, some may be able to ace a white elephant gift exchange, but others would be hopeless. At least the party would be fun to sit in on! READ MORE

Katie Holmes Revived A Cursed Fashion Trend That’s Dividing The Internet

Fun fact: I wore a version of this on my first day of senior year of high school. So, honestly, it’s almost like Katie Holmes is taking her trend cues from mid-aughts Hayley. Much to think about! Anyway, I know that this is currently dividing the Internet, but I have to say that I have always held a torch for this combo. See for yourself. READ MORE


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