A TikToker shares an edible cookie dough recipe on TikTok that makes Oreo cookie dough.
10 Cookie Dough Recipes From TikTok That’re Safe To Eat

Need that Funfetti recipe in my rotation.

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Raise your hand if you're guilty of eating cookie dough straight out of the tub. As delicious as it is, it can be dangerous eating things like raw eggs and flour. Luckily, there are edible cookie dough recipe TikToks that are super easy to follow and safe to enjoy. With the ingredients you already have in your kitchen, you can whip up a sweet treat to snack on whenever the cravings kick in.

There are vegan cookie dough recipes that use ingredients like chickpeas, and are a must-try for plant-based foodies. Sure, you might be skeptical of the healthy versions, but these edible cookie dough TikTok recipes will totally change your mind. Just watching a few of these TikTok videos will leave you wanting to get to the kitchen stat to try them yourself. Once you nail down a traditional chocolate chip recipe, you can explore other flavors like Funfetti or cookies and cream.

There are so many recipes that you could make different edible cookie jars to snack on for different occasions. For instance, make some cookie dough-wrapped creme eggs for your friend's Easter basket surprise. Or, make snack-sized portions to enjoy on a romantic outdoor picnic in the backyard with your partner. There are dough many possibilities, so get started with any of these ten edible cookie dough recipes now.

Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

For your first attempt, make some super simple chocolate chip cookie dough. TikToker @arianafeygin has this easy-to-follow recipe, and even explains why you need to cook your flour before adding it in the mix. It's not just the raw eggs that are bad for you, but flour can also have unnecessary bacteria.

By heating it up, you're making it safe to add in your mix, so you can snack on your dough whenever the cravings hit. To avoid the flour issue all together, try this edible cookie dough recipe from Yummly that uses almond flour.

Healthy Cookie Dough

You may get confused the minute you see the garbanzo beans in this edible cookie dough recipe, but trust TikToker @nicole_thenomad. This healthy version is just as delicious, and totally vegan as well. Just mix the beans with some peanut butter, vanilla, cooked flour, maple syrup, and salt. Add in your chocolate chips, and you're good to go.

This TikToker even has recipes for other kinds of cookies. There are peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and chocolate peppermint recipes to keep you going on your edible cookie dough journey. Yummly also has this peanut butter cookie dough dip made from garbanzo beans that you can store for snack time.

Oreo Cookie Dough

Calling all Oreo lovers, you'll definitely want to try this Oreo cookie dough recipe from TikToker @fitwaffle. It's very similar to the chocolate chip version, but instead, you're mixing in some crushed Oreos. For a real party, try this edible Oreo birthday cake cookie dough with colorful sprinkles mixed in. If you scoop out the Oreo cookie dough in a bowl with an ice cream scooper, it'll look like cookies 'n' cream ice cream minus all the melting.

Vegan Cookie Dough

If you're still on the fence about the chickpeas, you can always try this alternative vegan cookie dough recipe. This version from TikToker @dadaeats doesn't use any beans, but other vegan ingredients to create that dough-like consistency. The best part of all is that it only takes five ingredients, so you may already have everything you need at home.

One of the ingredients is peanut butter, but it’s not overpowering. Of course, you can lean into the peanut flavor with this vegan peanut butter cookie dough that’s only six ingredients.

Cookie Dough Without Vanilla Extract

Just looking at one of these cookie dough recipes will make you want to try it for yourself ASAP, but if you are missing vanilla extract, no problem. This cookie dough recipe from TikToker @rayhan.shaik doesn’t require vanilla extract at all. This paleo edible cookie dough also uses maple syrup instead of vanilla. Take this as a sign to get creative with what you've got.

Funfetti Cookie Dough

Have a little fun in the kitchen by making some Funfetti cookie dough. This recipe from TikToker @twincoast tastes just like cake batter. You can also put whatever sprinkles you want in the mix, so make a festive batch with pastel-colored sprinkles or throw in some white chocolate chips to juxtapose some neon sprinkles, like in this Funfetti cookie dough recipe from Yummly.

Creme Egg Cookie Dough Bombs

Get really creative with your cookie dough by making these creme egg cookie dough bombs from TikToker @mollyscorey. They're the perfect treat to put into Easter baskets for your roomies or SO. Just wrap your edible cookie dough around some Cadbury creme eggs and dip into some chocolate to hold it all together. For other snack-sized cookie dough bites, try making these edible cookie dough balls from Yummly. Just be sure to heat treat your flour.

Unicorn Edible Cookie Dough

For something colorful and vibrant, try this unicorn edible cookie dough recipe from TikToker @thelifestyleofafoodie. It’s basically a sugar cookie recipe with rainbow sprinkles. Yummly has a vegan version that uses non-dairy butter and milk.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

Perhaps you’re more of a snickerdoodle stan. If so, try this snickerdoodle recipe from TikToker @brokenovenbaking. It’s so creamy and soft, but for an added crunch, you can make this edible snickerdoodle dough recipe from Yummly that has oats mixed in.

Double Chocolate Cookie Dough

Chocolate lovers need to try this edible cookie dough recipe from TikToker @brokenovenbaking. Instead of just chocolate chips, this dough is double chocolate with cocoa powder added in. You could even throw in some white chocolate chips or a mix of dark and milk chocolate for triple chocolate cookie dough. For bite-sized fun, dip your dough in chocolate like these cookie dough truffles.

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