A happy woman in the kitchen makes some Easter recipes from TikTok.

These TikTok-Approved Easter Food Ideas Will Make Your Feast So Insta-Worthy

You can never have too many Easter cakes, am I right?

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Easter is one of the sweetest holidays — literally. Between the Cadbury eggs and colorful marshmallow Peeps, there are a lot of delicious treats to enjoy on Easter Sunday. While you could always snack on the jelly beans and egg-shaped Reese’s from your Easter basket, you can also get creative in the kitchen by trying out some Easter recipes from TikTok for your party.

If you’re planning a traditional Easter dinner with your family, TikTok has plenty of Easter food ideas as well. TikTok really is the go-to place to find delicious and Insta-worthy food. So, whether you’re craving something savory like a pizza or something sweet like a chocolate babka, there is a TikTok Easter recipe on the FYP that is truly for you. There’s even a few traditional Easter cake recipes that work for any occasion.

Basically, the Easter food ideas are endless. However, if you don’t want to go searching for a chocolate babka recipe or Easter cake recipe yourself, there’s no need to worry. Save your hunting skills for the colorful eggs you’ve hidden around the house, and try these 12 Easter recipes from TikTok that have been assembled just for you instead.


Mini Traditional Easter Cake Recipe


For an adorable treat your friends can enjoy at an outdoor picnic, you’ll want to make these mini traditional Easter cakes. According to TikToker @erinsgranola’s tutorial, just take a mini shortcake, which you can get at the store, and fill with some strawberry jam. Add on cream, fresh strawberries, and more jam before placing another mini cake on top. From there, you can decorate with icing and any Easter candy you have at home.


Bunny Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Another super easy Easter recipe that doesn’t require you to mix ingredients together is this bunny cinnamon roll recipe from TikToker @bestfriendsforfrosting. Just shape your ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls into a bunny shape, bake, and decorate with icing and M&Ms for the face.


No-Bake Easter Bark Recipe


This Easter bark recipe is also super simple. You don’t even need an oven. Just line a baking sheet with graham crackers and layer on some melted marshmallows and butter, according to TikToker @playpartyplan. This is when you can get creative with your Easter bark by adding whatever melted chocolate and Easter candy you’d like on top before chilling in the fridge.


Easy Easter Fruit Salad Recipe

An easy and spring-inspired dish you can bring to your Easter picnic is this Easter fruit salad from TikToker @myfourwonders. Just use some Easter cookie cutters ($10, Williams Sonoma) to cut your fruit into fun themed shapes. It’s that simple!


Easter Chick Deviled Eggs Recipe


Deviled eggs are always a great idea for a party. They’re easy to eat finger foods, but don’t just make regular deviled eggs. Make some Easter chick deviled eggs inspired by TikToker @kellyscleankitchen’s video. Just slice your boiled eggs in half and place your filling in between like a little chick peaking through.


Traditional Italian Easter Pie Recipe

For something savory, make this pizza rustica recipe from TikToker @kathyquad123. This traditional Italian Easter pie is a great idea for your Easter dinner main course. You can also make it your own with whatever fillings you prefer.


Easter Egg Pizza Recipe


This Easter egg pizza from TikToker @heathercoxzzz is a fun Easter dinner recipe for you and your roomies to make together. Just roll out some pizza dough into an egg shape and decorate with sauce, cheese, and colorful toppings. It may even be more fun than decorating some actual Easter eggs.


Creme Egg Croissant Recipe

Calling all Cadbury Creme Egg lovers, this is the Easter recipe for you. This creme egg croissant recipe from TikToker @thisisplanetfood is delicious and super easy to make. All you need to do is wrap a creme egg in some puff pastry before baking in an air fryer. This may end up being your new fave way of enjoying creme eggs each Easter.


Traditional Chocolate Babka Recipe


Chocolate babka may be something you’ve had every year for Easter with your fam. Whether it’s a tradition or not, you’ll want to try making this chocolate espresso babka recipe from TikToker @cloudykitchen. The real fun comes from rolling up your dough with the chocolate and then braiding it to form the babka.


Traditional Easter Bread Recipe

Another Easter tradition in your family may include making some Easter bread. If that’s the case, you’ll want to follow this Easter bread recipe from TikToker @food52. After making your dough, braid two pieces together and form a circle for you to place a dyed egg in the middle. Add your sprinkles before baking for about 20 to 25 minutes in the oven, and enjoy!


Easter Bunny Cupcakes Recipe


TikTok is great for finding new recipes and creative ways to decorate. After all, you want a spread that’s Insta-worthy and will have all your guests snapping tons of foodie pics. For some cupcake inspiration, look no further than TikToker @fabeveryday’s tutorial for bunny butt cupcakes using cut up marshmallows. You can also make some Easter bunny cupcakes using this tin foil hack from TikToker @yumlabels to create the bunny head shape.


Birds Nest Cookies Recipe

For a treat that’s picture-perfect, you’ll want to make these birds nest cookies from TikToker @bestfriendsforfrosting. Just melt some chocolate and mix with some chow mein noodles to create the nest. Fill with some chocolate eggs and chill in the fridge before serving. They really do look like mini birds nests.