Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' lyrics are made for Instagram captions.

Certified Lover Boy Is Packed With Lyrics Begging To Be Made Into IG Captions

“My losing nights are still a vibe.”

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It’s time to jam out to CLB, y’all. Certified Lover Boy that is. Drake dropped his new album on Friday, Sept. 3, and it’s full of bops. There’s no shortage of new tunes this past month, as Kanye West also dropped his new album Donda on Aug. 29, and obviously, you can’t talk about Drake’s new album without bringing up Ye. As usual, when it comes to the rapper’s discography, you can expect some brutal diss tracks to weigh in on the drama, along with tons of witty lyrics that you’ll totally want to repost. Now that the highly-anticipated album is ~finally~ here, you’ll want to check out these 29 Drake Certified Lover Boy lyrics for Instagram captions to give your posts that undeniable Champagne Papi boost.

Fans have been waiting for Drake’s sixth studio album since summer 2020, and initially, the rapper announced its release date would be in January 2021. Then, on Jan. 20, he revealed it wasn’t quite ready for release as he’d been focusing on recovering from his surgery and rehab. Finally, after months of waiting, Drake announced the official release date would be Sept. 3.

As you might expect, the Kanye-Drake feud hasn’t slowed down. The two first began their competition against each other in 2010 — the feud first starting after Drake was seen out with Ye’s ex Amber Rose. However, the most recent developments happened when Kanye reportedly leaked Drake’s address on Instagram on Aug. 24, an action which may have been due to Drake calling Kanye “burnt out.” Ye beat the release by surprise-stopping Donda a week earlier, despite both albums’ aligned timelines.

Cut to Drizzy’s new album finally dropping at the start of September, and there’s so much more to unpack in the lyrics.

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Now that Certified Lover Boy is here, even if you don’t want to break out your decoder, you’ll want to grab some of the best Instagram captions from the album for your posts.

  1. “And the dirt that they threw on my name turned to soil and I grew up out it.” — “Fair Trade”
  2. "Loyalty is priceless, and it's all I need. Can't burn a bridge just to light my way." — “Love All”
  3. “Windows of opportunity let me go through the doors. This the part where I don't ever say ‘pardon me’ anymore. This the part where I'ma find a new part of me to explore.” — “Champagne Poetry”
  4. “Supermodels and they all sexy.” — “Papi’s Home”
  5. “ Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too.” — “Girls Want Girls”
  6. “Oh, you like The Boy? Well, tell me what you like about him.” — “Way 2 Sexy”
  7. “Neither of our pasts ‘bout to go away. You make me forget about it anyway.” — “TSU”
  8. “Grab the top spot like "pardon my reach.’” — “Love All”
  9. “My losing nights are still a vibe.” — “7am on Bridle Path”
  10. “Retrograde energy shifts are what I was made for.” — “Race My Mind”
  11. “Baby, I need some help just like anyone else.” — “Get Along Better”
  12. “Said you belong to the streets, but the streets belong to me.” — “Pipe Down”
  13. “My bae, you know me, and you knew me back then.” — “N 2 Deep”
  14. “Anxiety’s a drug that I use to get the job done.” — “The Remorse”
  15. "My soulmate somewhere out in the world just waiting on me.” — “Champagne Poetry”
  16. “I gotta be single for a while, you can't control me.” — “Fair Trade”
  17. “I think that’s what life is about, truly findin’ yourself.” — “IMY2”
  18. "I'm like Sha'Carri, smoke 'em on and off the track.” — “Champagne Poetry”
  19. “It be lights, camera, action when you with us, it's a movie.” — “Girls Want Girls”
  20. “Why they always act like we can fix it with a meeting? All that linking up, man, I'ma see ya when I see ya.” — “No Friends In The Industry”
  21. “Standing on your own is when you realize. When all the lights go out, that’s when you see the real guys.” — “You Only Live Twice”
  22. “You told me I was a phase. OK, fine, I miss you too.” — “IMY2”
  23. “Come in, come in, yeah, come in. I cannot fathom this life without you.” — “Fountains”
  24. “Clouds is hanging over you now, ‘cause I’m hanging supreme.” — “7am on Bridle Path”
  25. “I can't even hear myself when I get quiet time.” — “The Remorse”
  26. “Checked the weather and it’s gettin’ real oppy outside.” — “Knife Talk”
  27. “They said you got high as the sky. Up all night dancing, huh?” — “Race My Mind”
  28. “Me and you be on a first name basis.” — “N 2 Deep”
  29. “If your whole heart wasn’t in it, I know a piece of it was.” — “Race My Mind”

As you can see, there are so many IG-ready lyrics on Certified Lover Boy, so jam out to the album and pick out the lines that match the vibe of your grid.