I Went On The Disney Wish And Found A Hidden Insta-Worthy Spot

It’s giving “I’m the king of the world” vibes.

Sure, theme parks are what Disney is known for, but don’t sleep on the Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruises have all the magic of visiting Disneyland for the day — attractions, characters, fireworks, and Mickey-shaped food — but it’s all on a glamorous ship sailing to gorgeous and wanderlust destinations around the world. Disney Cruise Line has recently added another ship to their fleet, and I went on the Disney Wish and found a hidden Insta-worthy spot you do not want to miss.

If you’ve been following along with all the Disney Wish updates, you probably know there’s a Star Wars lounge with out-of-this-galaxy cocktails and a Marvel restaurant with MCU-themed dishes. While those are the must-see experiences on the Disney Wish, you’ll also want to know about the hidden gems on the ship as well.

On any vacay, you expect to take tons of photos to share on Instagram so all your friends can follow your journey. The Disney Wish offers plenty of opportunities to snap photos with Captain Minnie and Mickey dressed up like a pirate, but what about the most Instagram-worthy spot on the Disney Wish? No, it’s not in front of the Cinderella statue in the atrium or in front of one of the murals outside the Oceaneer Club — though, those are all great as well. The best spot for photos on the Disney Wish is actually at the very front of the ship.

Where Is The Hidden Insta-Worthy Spot On The Disney Wish?

Rachel Chapman

On most Disney cruises, they have a deck that’s perfect for anyone looking to take a stroll around the ship or go for a morning jog. It’s great for after dinner when you’re so full, but you want to make sure you’re ready to eat more of the all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream upstairs later. On the Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy, each one of these decks provides an easy track for you to travel around the full perimeter of the ship.

While the Disney Wish does have a deck for walking around, there are some stairs involved. It doesn’t make for a great jogging track, which is why it’s not as popular for anyone looking to workout. This also means it keeps the most picture perfect spot on the ship a bit of a “secret.” In fact, I hadn’t heard anyone talking about this spot on the ship at all and just happened upon it on my stroll around after dinner.

If you find yourself on deck five of the ship, walk towards the bow — aka the front. Head up the stairs and there you are. This gorgeous platform provides unobstructed views of the ocean from the very front of the Disney Wish. You can also look down and spy on anyone relaxing in the Rainforest area of the Senses Spa. However, if you’re on deck five during sunset, you’ll be too distracted by the breathtaking view to look down at all.

Rachel Chapman

For anyone like me who saw Titanic a handful of times in the theater when you were a kid, you’ll immediately feel the impulse to snap a few “I’m the king of the world” pics for Instagram. If you’ve got your partner with you, you may want to even recreate the “I’m flying” scene from the film as long as you have someone around to hold your camera as well. If you discover this area by yourself, like me, snap a few selfies with the sunset in the background or just capture some videos of the colorful sky and ocean for an aesthetically-pleasing TikTok video. Whatever the content you capture, you’re sure to get a lot of likes from this hidden and must-see spot.

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