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The Last Week Of 2021 Will Inspire These 3 Zodiac Signs To No End

2022 can be yours for the taking.

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You’re close to the finish line, because the final week of 2021 is here. This year was filled with trials and tribulations, but it also represented the beginning of a brand new journey. Luckily, that journey is far from over and the best has yet to come, especially for the zodiac signs who will have the best week of December 27, 2021. Earth signs, it’s your time to shine, so light up a sparkler and celebrate.

Although astrology has been intense lately, this year is ending on a high note. On Dec. 28, Jupiter — planet of expansion and adventure — will enter Pisces, it’s home zodiac sign. This is one of the most beautiful and generous transits of all, setting you up for so many magical experiences throughout 2022. When Jupiter is moving through spiritual, creative, and loving Pisces, it has a way of making you feel far more hopeful.

However, by Dec. 30, it may feel like drama central. Mercury — planet of communication — will merge with obsessive Pluto, bringing your thoughts to dark places and your passion to new heights. This turbo-charged moment could help you accomplish whatever you desire, but keep in mind that your desires don’t always know what’s good for you.

By the end of the week, a brand new year will be yours for the taking. On Jan. 2, a new moon in hardworking and ambitious Capricorn will overtake the cosmos, inspiring you to form concrete plans and put in a practical effort. As this new moon forms a trine with revolutionary Uranus, you might feel excited and inspired to try something totally new. Don’t be afraid of change, because if you embrace change, the world will too.

Here’s how earth signs can make the most of it:

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Taurus: Your Vision Is Expanding And You’re Ready To Take A Risk

You’re coming out of your shell and seeing things in a new light this week. Although you may still feel like things aren’t moving as quickly as you would hope, it’s clear that the tides are turning. This week, you might feel like your perspective is expanding and spontaneous opportunities are rocking you out of your funk. As a new moon in your adventurous ninth house forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus, you may be discovering yourself in unexpected places. It might even feel like you’re getting to know yourself all over again.

Virgo: You’re In The Mood To Let Loose And Have So Much Fun

You may be a stickler for the details and a perfectionist to your core, but this week, you’re setting some of that aside to simply enjoy the present moment. As a new moon in your vivacious fifth house forms a trine with Uranus in your spontaneous ninth house, you’re in the mood for some major shenanigans as you ring in the new year. Let go of your need for a solid plan and let the wind take you where it pleases. You might end up somewhere beautiful and unexpected if you let yourself get a little lost.

Capricorn: You’re Creating The Future That You’ve Always Imagined

Your birthday season has hardly been the lighthearted experience you were probably hoping for. As Venus continues its retrograde through Capricorn, you may be rethinking the way you love and nurture your sense of self. Although this process of self-discovery is far from over, it’s inspiring you to change your life, your surroundings, and even yourself. This week, a new moon in Capricorn will trine Uranus in your open-minded ninth house, allowing you a glimpse of what your future could someday be. And baby, that future is looking so bright.