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How The December 2022 Cold Moon Will Affect All Zodiac Signs

The year may be ending, but it might not be a happy one.

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If you’ve been blurting out unpopular opinions and engaging in heated debates recently, you’ve most likely been bit by the Sagittarius season bug. As the mutable fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is all about advocating for what you believe in, even if you have to do it alone. Though your brutal honesty may not be well-received at times, it’s always respected. As the last full moon of the year approaches, however, you’ll be encouraged to be much more careful with your words. The December 2022 full Cold Moon will affect every zodiac sign’s curiosity during a time when accuracy is lacking and happy endings are up in the air.

What’s A Cold Moon?

A Cold Moon is another name for December’s annual full moon, which takes place right before the winter solstice — you know, when it’s *cold*. In fact, pretty much every nickname for the December full moon relates to the drop in temperatures: Drift Clearing Moon (Cree), the Frost Exploding Trees Moon (Cree), the Moon of the Popping Trees (Oglala), the Hoar Frost Moon (Cree), the Snow Moon (Haida and Cherokee), the Winter Maker Moon (Western Abenaki), and the Long Night Moon (Mohican).

When Does The 2022 Cold Moon Take Place?

On Dec. 7 at 11:09 p.m. EST, the December 2022 full Cold Moon will illuminate the night sky. Taking place in Gemini, the sister sign of Sagittarius, this lunation is all about getting curious and asking questions — but with Mars retrograde conjunct this particular lunar event, the information each sign obtains now may be faulty. It’s important to be mindful of any information you’re putting out there, as well as double-checking any important details you come across.

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Here’s how every sign will be affected by the 2022 Cold Moon:

Aries (March 21—April 19)

Watch your words, Aries. You’ve been engaging in some pretty heated debates as of late, but the Cold Moon will only amplify your sharp tongue. It’s the perfect time to consider new hobbies or skills you’re eager to learn more about, as well as participate in some (healthy) mentally stimulating conversations.

Taurus (April 19—May 21)

No time for money moves, Taurus. Instead, review your current spending habits and make adjustments if necessary. It’ll be tough, especially ahead of the holidays, but you may need to reconsider the ways you may need to cut back.

Gemini (May 21—June 22)

Catch your breath, Gemini. You’ve been going a mile a minute for months, but now it’s time to recharge your batteries and consider how you’re prioritizing the info you currently have, and reflect on how you’ve been keeping your mind sharp.

Cancer (June 22—July 21)

Let your mental health be your main focus, Cancer. Examine your current habits and rituals, especially the ones that work against you. You may prefer to retreat into your shell, but your wheels will definitely be turning.

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Leo (July 21—Aug. 22)

Your friendships are about to be tested, Leo. The possibility of disagreements and miscommunication will be at an all-time high. Use this time to pick the brains of the people around you, but try to remain open to different perspectives without becoming defensive.

Virgo (Aug. 22—Sept. 21)

Your professional life is in the spotlight, Virgo. As one of the messengers of the zodiac, you take pride in your ability to share essential information within your vocation. While you tend to have a way with words, be mindful of how you communicate during this lunation. Your matter-of-fact ways of sharing important details could be easily taken out of context.

Libra (Sept. 21—Oct. 22)

Things are heating up — and not necessarily in a good way, Libra. Any conversations you have during this time have the potential for miscommunication. Though you may not get all the answers you seek, it’s a great time to engage in lighthearted discourse among people who are willing to listen to your perspectives.

Scorpio (Oct. 22—Nov. 21)

Where do you draw the line, Scorpio? It might be time to reconsider how you show up for others. If you find that you’ve been compromising more of your boundaries than you’re comfortable with, some adjustments may be necessary.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 21—Dec. 21)

Your relationships are about to be tested, Sagittarius. You’ll be encouraged to listen closely to what your loved ones are teaching you, but it won’t be easy. Conflict is likely to arise around differences in opinions, so try your best not to reject perspectives that don’t necessarily align with your own.

Capricorn (Dec. 21—Jan. 19)

Are your routines actually healthy, Capricorn? You’re all about being productive, but instead of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, it could be time to make adjustments to your current rituals. Listen to your body and its needs. Resting can be productive too.

Aquarius (Jan. 19—Feb. 22)

Explore the possibilities that your creative pursuits have to offer, Aquarius. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of options to express yourself, but this will be a pleasant time for you regardless, as long as you don’t to spread yourself too thin. In order to enjoy each of your hobbies to the fullest, you have to commit to one at a time.

Pisces (Feb. 22—March 20)

Engage in impactful discussions within your private world, Pisces. Though conflict may be much more likely, your home life deserves some attention, so just choose your words wisely. It’s a great time to revamp your living space and brainstorm new ideas to make it it more interesting. As long as you’re not planning on confronting your roomie about dirty dishes in the sink, you should be OK.