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The Gemini Full Moon Will Serve As An Ending Of Sorts

You’ll be encouraged to continue to share, speak, and learn.

As the 2021 commences, endings are on the minds of many. Not only is the clock winding down, the moon is also gradually increasing in light, and will be gracing us with one final full moon before the year ends. Full moons mark a period of culminations and endings, and as the luminary that rules over emotion, these endings often prompt an emotional response. Since Sagittarius season is still in full swing though, this full moon will be taking place in its opposite sign — Gemini — which is a sign far more interested in actively talking things out rather than slowing down long enough to really feel the feelings that arise. Because of Gemini’s restless, curious nature, the emotional meaning of the December 2021 full moon in Gemini is all about how you communicate and share your thoughts and ideas with others.

Since Sagittarius season is still upon us, there’s a strong emphasis on knowledge, wisdom, and understanding right now. Sagittarius energy is like the teacher of the zodiac, while Gemini, its sister sign, is the student, eager to continuously learn and evolve. As the full moon on Dec. 18 falls along this axis, there will be strong emphasis on how you choose to share what you know. How are you transmuting the knowledge you’ve acquired into your daily life? How are you putting it into practice, and sharing it with others? As a sign ruled by Mercury, this is the perfect time to get in touch with your inner voice, just in time for the new year.

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The Full Moon In Gemini Takes Place On Dec. 18 At 11:35 p.m. ET

Over the last 18 months, you’ve been experiencing eclipses in along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in your birth chart, where you’ve likely been introduced to some major shifts and changes pertaining to what you already know versus what you still may need to learn. This is the first non-eclipsed Gemini-ruled lunation we’ve had since May of 2020. Think back on how much you’ve learned — specifically pertaining to your Gemini-ruled house in your birth chart — since then. The full moon in Gemini on Dec. 18 is serving as an ending of sorts to the cycle we’ve all collectively been experiencing in our birth charts since the spring before last, and encourages each individual to continue to share, speak, and learn.

While Gemini isn’t exactly the most traditionally emotional zodiac sign, it’s a sign that strives to understand where emotions come from in a very curious way. As an air sign, its approach to emotion is very light-hearted, which can be an incredible breath of fresh air as everyone moves into 2022. Emotion doesn’t have to be something that always sends you to your knees; it can be questioned, understood, and released. But be sure to not overthink things. Your emotions are worthy of being felt, even if they don’t always make sense and aren’t the most rational. This full moon is ideal for journaling, speaking, or even simply working with your hands — anything that allows you to clear your mind, and allow any feelings you’ve been possibly overthinking to flow through you.