2 sisters smiling and hugging at the beach before posting on Instagram with a comment on sister pic.

32 Comments You Can Leave On Your Sister’s Pics To Hype Up Your Built-In Bestie

The category is cute.

by Kristin Corpuz and Marisa Casciano
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There is no one in your life who you love hyping up more than your sister. Not only is she your best friend, but she's your confidant, role model, and favorite person to hang out with. On any given day, you text her messages like, “What are you doing right now?” and “Hi, come over.” If you’re currently waiting for plans to be made, and scrolling through her Instagram and TikTok feeds, grab these comments for sister pics that’ll help you show her the most love.

TBH, your sis always slays on and off social media. Whether she’s serving a chic #OOTD pic, an adorable selfie with her BFFs, or a casual snap with her puppy, you’re always blown away. Since she posts a variety of content, though, you want to be prepared with different types of comments that’ll make her smile on the other side of the screen. You want some to make her laugh and others to compliment her look, even if she stole it out of your closet. You wouldn’t mind if you quoted your favorite TV siblings, David and Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek, either.

Look no further than these comments for sister pics that’ll pair nicely with your sister’s social media content. Whether you live across the hall from each other or on opposite sides of the globe, they’ll remind her that you support her IRL and online. Pick one, then post it below her photo ASAP.

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  1. "That’s my best friend, she a real bad b*tch.” — Saweetie, “Best Friend”
  2. "Someone's slaying those Sunday scaries."
  3. "Have a good day, bestie!"
  4. "I knew good looks ran in our family, but this pic confirmed it."
  5. "I’m going to borrow this outfit, OK?"
  6. "I'd love to tease you, but I can't find anything wrong with this pic."
  7. "Nom nom for us, David." — Alexis Rose, Schitt’s Creek
  8. “You look cute, don’t delete this later.”
  9. "The category is cute."
  10. "I’ll take one of those iced coffees."
  11. "Could you BE any cuter?"
  12. "Thinking about her."
  13. "Respond to my text."
  14. "If you read this, know that I love you."
  15. "Looking adorable, as always."
  16. "OK, sis!"
  17. "Always and forever obsessed with you."
  18. "You’re legit glowing."
  19. "Can you teach me how to selfie like you?"
  20. "Unliking this pic just so I can like it again."
  21. "BRB, lighting up the comments section on this pic."
  22. "Happy looks so good on you."
  23. "The luckiest sister award goes to me."
  24. "This picture just made my entire day."
  25. "I rate this picture 9/10. One point was deducted because I’m not in it."
  26. "The human equivalent of the butterfly emoji."
  27. "Big sister energy."
  28. "Miss you more than you know."
  29. "So proud of you."
  30. "The world better watch out for you."
  31. "You’ve got this."
  32. "Go for it, babe."

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