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My Honest Review Of Rosalía’s New Coca-Cola Move

My tastebuds were confused in the best way.

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Get ready to make your tastebuds ~move~. After launching its Coca-Cola Creation initiative, which introduces limited-edition products and collaborations, in February 2022, Coke is back with a brand new flavor inspired by international superstar, Rosalía. Just like the Spanish sensation’s genre-bending music, the limited edition drink is pushing the boundaries with a “transformation flavored” sip that’s seriously unique.

Coca-Cola Move x Rosalía was announced on Feb. 10, and according to the brand, the mysterious cola features a blend of bold and delicate flavors. If you’ve been streaming the singer’s latest single, “Lie Like You Love Me,” non-stop since its release on Jan. 27, you might be surprised to learn the song was actually created with the Coke flavor in mind. As the recent GRAMMY winner’s first song to feature a section entirely in English, “Lie Like You Love Me” (stylized as “LLYLM”) is also the first track to be released along side a Coca-Cola Creations innovation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the bouncy song inspired the name “Move.” This isn’t the first time Coke has teamed up with an artist on a Creations flavor, though — in July 2022, the brand tapped the help of DJ and producer Marshmello to create a summery strawberry and watermelon soda sip.

You can expect to see the limited-edition Move flavor (and the Zero Sugar version) on store shelves nationwide starting Monday, Feb. 20.

The brand has remained pretty tight-lipped about the flavor of the drink (other than the can saying it’s “transformation flavored”), but I got to preview the Zero Sugar version of the Rosalía-approved sip for myself, and it’s pretty surprising. And before you ask, it doesn’t taste like “CHICKEN TERIYAKI” — thank goodness.

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Coca-Cola Move x Rosalía Review

The drink gives off a familiar scent, but it’s not one I can nail down off the bat. It reminds me of a creamy vanilla flavor, almost like a cream soda, but I get the sense there are more flavors at play, too. Intrigued, I take my first sip, and the first thing that comes to mind are Easter candies, specifically Peeps. As I put the pieces together, it dawns on me that the nostalgic scent and the light but present flavor I’m experiencing may be marshmallows. (If it’s not, it’s something very similar.)

Whatever the flavor is, it remains consistent throughout the entire sip. The drink definitely still tastes like Coca-Cola, but it’s the sweetness that comes through at the end of each sip that makes the cola stand out. The marshmallow (or marshmallow-adjacent) flavor contrasts with the bitter Coke taste quite nicely, and features a deliciously creamy aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

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The sip will be available in single 20-ounce bottles as well as a 10-pack of mini 7.5-ounce cans for the same price as a regular bottle of Coke, according to the brand.

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