Chewy's Halloween dog costumes include a 'Hocus Pocus' costumes.
Chewy’s Halloween Costumes For Dogs Will Put A Spell On Hocus Pocus Fans

They even have Loki costumes that are low-key adorbs.

Halloween can’t come any sooner, especially if you’re a pumpkin spice lover who watches Hocus Pocus at least a few times every October. In fact, you can’t wait to re-watch the Disney classic ASAP, and Chewy’s Halloween dog costumes for 2022 have the perfect outfit for your pup to wear while you do it. It may be August, but Chewy has some of the cutest (and most hilarious) dog costumes for the fall in stock now including a Disney collection for Hocus Pocus, Star Wars, and Marvel fans as well.

That’s right, you’ll find some characters from the MCU series Loki in Chewy’s Halloween pet costume collection this year along with classic faves like Mickey and Minnie. If you’d rather collab with your dog on a twinning lewk, Chewy also has costumes for that as well. For instance, if you’re dressing as a Bridgerton after marathon-watching Season 2, the collection has a dog costume straight out of the Regency era. There are even hilarious dog costumes that will make your best fur friend look like an old lady from the front or an out-of-this-galaxy alien. For the cutest strolls as you leaf peep this autumn, check out these 12 Chewy Halloween costumes for dogs that are sure to put a spell on you.

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Have The Sanderson Sisters Tag Along On Your Walks

This adorable Hocus Pocus costumes will have your pup barking, “Come, we fly.” The hilarious harness-like costume makes it look as if the Sanderson sisters are hitching a ride on the back of your pooch. Even the details are accurate on this costume, with Winifred on her broom, Sarah on a mop, and Mary on a vacuum.

Chewy has truly come to play this year with an entire Hocus Pocus collection of toys not just for your dog, but for your cat as well. In addition to Sanderson sister squeaky toys ($20), there is a Mary teaser toy on her vacuum ($11), a cat scratcher ($20), and plush mice ($10) that look like each one of the sisters as well. You just know Thackery Binx would have a field day with those.

This Alien Look Will Abduct Your Heart

Your pup will not just wear this alien costume, they will rocket. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by an alien makeup lewk and that’s your plan for Oct. 31. Keep your best fur friend in orbit with you by getting them this adorable and out-of-this-world costume to wear as well.

Keep It Simple With A Bandana That’s “Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus”

Let’s face it, dogs aren’t always fans of wearing costumes. We’ve all been there before, wearing an uncomfortable costume on Halloween because it looked cute at first. Instead of something intricate that won’t hold up on your walks, get your pup this festive Hocus Pocus bandana. It’s perfect for any size dog and reversible, so you can decide if your fur friend is more a Winifred or Mary Sanderson.

Get Physical On Your Walks With A Totally ‘80s Costume

Who’s ready to break a sweat? An active pup needs proper workout clothes and this ‘80s-inspired costume will make your dog look like they’ve just stepped out of a Jane Fonda video. While the outfit itself is cute, it’s the blond wig that really sets this number apart from the rest. If you need to see what your dog will look like in a blond high ponytail, you have to add-to-cart this right now. For a group costume idea, Chewy has this other retro ‘80s costume ($16) with a boombox that’s totally tubular.

Back In My Day, Dog Costumes Were Never This Cute

Speaking of wigs, this granny costume comes with a grey bun headpiece to really make your dog look like an old woman. From the front, your pup will look like someone’s grandma walking over to offer some hard candy from their purse. This costume could even work if you’re planning a Psycho costume, and your dog can be Norman’s mom.

Lady Whistledown Would Approve Of This Bridgerton-Inspired Costume

Step aside Daphne, your dog will now be the official diamond of the season. With the wig on, they’ll even look like Queen Charlotte. In fact, you’ll be the talk of the Ton on Insta after posting a pic of your pup in this look.

This Is The Droid Costume You’re Looking For

Star Wars fans will be delighted to see Chewy’s Halloween collection not only has this hilarious R2-D2 costume, but an X-Wing Fighter ($28) and Tie Fighter ($31) costumes as well. With all three on each one your dogs at home, it’ll look like a scene out of one of the Star Wars films as they chase each other around the backyard.

Your Pup Will Become The Most Adorable Variant In The MCU

Sorry Tom Hiddleston, but Alligator Loki is by far the cutest Loki — especially with your dog dressed as him. Of course, Chewy also has an OG Loki costume in his TVA jacket ($25), but it’s more fun for your dog to wear an alligator head on top of their own that’s also wearing Loki horns.

This Loki President Costume Also Gets A Vote

Who wouldn’t want this version of Loki to be president? Another variant in Chewy’s Halloween collection is Loki President. This version of the beloved MCU character would especially enjoy destroying a Loki dog toy like this bungee plush ($8) or plush with rope ($13) version.

This Minnie Costume Is Super O-witch-inal

This isn’t just any old witch costume. This is a Minnie Mouse witch costume. That means your dog will look just like Minnie all dressed up for the season. Chewy even has a matching squeaky Minnie Mouse toy ($20), so go head and trick-or-treat your best fur friend with that as well.

You Can Count On This Mickey Vampire Costume To Get You Likes On The ‘Gram

What do you get when you cross Mickey Mouse with a vampire? Well, this Mickey Mouse Vampire costume from Chewy, of course. The hilarious combo of Count Mickey will look even more LOL-worthy on your dog. So, go ahead and snap tons of pics, because you know you want to post them to the ‘Gram ASAP.

This Costume Is Perfect For The Stitch To Your Lilo

Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left without a Halloween costume this year, right? Just as Lilo adopted Stitch, you welcomed your pup into your home. It just makes sense then to get them this Stitch costume for All Hallows’ Eve.