Jin from BTS has designed a "The Astronaut" merch line for his fans, ARMY.

ARMY, Jin From BTS Designed “The Astronaut” Merch Just For You

His fave item in the collection is super cozy.

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

In October, BTS announced their hiatus until 2025 in order to complete the military service required by all able-bodied men in South Korea. The first to enlist was Jin, who recently released his debut solo single “The Astronaut” on Oct. 28. The music video for “The Astronaut” features cute nods to BTS’ fanbase, ARMY, and “The Astronaut” merch designed by Jin from BTS also feels like a gift to them as well.

To help promote his first-ever solo single, Jin created a character named Wootteo. The animated astronaut even has his own Instagram account with over 1.3M followers, and Wootteo will be heavily featured in the new BTS merch. “I love characters and I love collecting things,” Jin revealed in a vlog posted to BTS’ YouTube channel. The video not only showed Jin recording his debut single but also working on “The Astronaut” merch featuring Wootteo. “The reason I go on shows, make songs, and create merchandise is all because of ARMY,” the singer shared, and it’s finally time for fans to cop the merch Jin designed just for them.

Just two weeks after sharing “The Astronaut” vlog, Hybe Merch posted a concept film featuring the official “The Astronaut” merch to Twitter. The video shows not not only some out-of-this-galaxy home decor, but also some cozy loungewear as well.

When Is Jin’s “The Astronaut” Merch Going On Sale?

In addition to the concept film, Hybe also revealed that “The Astronaut” official merch will be available on Weverse starting Nov. 30 at 2 p.m. KT — aka 12 a.m. ET. While the products will appear on the Weverse Shop three hours before, you won’t be able to purchase anything prior to that time. This just gives you a good chance to look at the prices, which haven’t been revealed yet, and determine what’s in your budget.

To make shopping easier, it’ll help to be logged into your Weverse account prior to the sale. That way, you can add to cart your items with ease as soon as everything goes live.

What Is Included In Jin’s “The Astronaut” Official Merch?


The BTS merch collection features a mix of home decor and even beauty items, like colorful bath bombs. However, when asked what his favorite item in the collection is, Jin revealed it is “the huge pillow” of Wootteo. The giant stuffed Wootteo is like a huggable body pillow. There is also a smaller plush-size version and keychain Wootteo if those are more your vibe.

In addition to the Jin plushies, there is also a sweatsuit that is perfect if you’re still working from home and want to be cute and cozy. It features a white hoodie and matching sweatpants with a purple stripe down the sides and adorable Wootteo as well.

As far as home decor goes, “The Astronaut” collection has purple swirl plates, galactic silverware, and even a Wootteo bottle opener for your kitchen. If you’re looking to spruce up your dorm or bedroom, you might want to get the Wootteo string lights that also feature planet and star shapes as well. This collection is super adorable on its own, just like “Worldwide Handsome” Jin, but it’s the fact that he designed it with ARMY in mind that makes it so special. These items will definitely make you feel cozy and loved while waiting patiently for BTS’ return in 2025.