Seven Days A Week
A BTS fan shares what it's like running an ARMY account for the week, along with their most used app...

A BTS Stan Running A Viral TikTok Account Tracks Their Screen Time

Content creator @hobidipity shares how they cultivate a safe space for ARMY, plus how to get noticed by Jungkook (!).

In Chronically Online, Elite Daily asks people to get real about their phone habits, tracking their screen time over the course of seven days. This week, the content creator behind BTS fan account @hobidipity shares which apps they use the most, the time they spend working on edits, and how they make viral videos that get the attention of ARMY — and even one of the Bangtan Boys themselves.

BTS may be on hiatus until 2025, but there’s no shortage of content available for ARMY to enjoy during the boy band’s break, especially if you know where to look. While you can always revisit songs like “Butter” and “Dynamite” or re-watch episodes of Run BTS when you’re not streaming the Permission to Dance on Stage concert film on Disney+, there are sooo many #BTSTok accounts to follow that showcase never-before-seen content, throwback videos, and fun fan edits.

Hobidipity is one TikToker you should know or may have already seen if you’re a fellow stan of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The part-time content creator (and full-time student) with more than 175,000 followers has gone viral for sharing hilarious memes and edits using older clips and videos of BTS.

The 23-year-old, who prefers to remain anonymous, tells Elite Daily that they started making “silly videos” in 2021, and in the three years since, their TikToks have received more than 30.7 million likes, including some from one of their faves: Jungkook.

I may make jokes about [getting recognized by BTS] on the app, but this genuinely makes me so happy.

The “3D” singer first took notice of Hobidipity’s TikToks in September 2023 when they posted a dancing meme of Jungkook with the caption “me [three hours] into my sold out shower world tour.” Jungkook not only liked the meme, but commented on how funny it was.

Since then, JK has liked two other TikToks on Hobidipity’s page and commented on one featuring a clip of him working out from his vlog.


Getting recognition from a member of BTS was an emotional experience for Hobidipity. “I may make jokes about it on the app,” they shared on TikTok, “but this genuinely makes me so happy.”

Though making TikToks may seem easy if your only experience is scrolling the FYP, running a fan account takes a lot time and work, especially when you’re coming up with fresh ideas, editing, and creating videos that not only go viral but capture the attention of the “Standing Next to You” singer and ARMY alike.

Below, Hobidipity shares exactly what it takes to run a BTS TikTok for a week, including how often they scroll and where they find inspiration.

Occupation: Full-time student, part-time content creator

Age: 23

Location: Brazil

Weekly Average (April 7-April 13): 8 hours, 29 minutes

Day 1: A Not-So-Lazy Sunday Content Creating

It was a relatively chill morning. I started the day by reading a book in bed. When I finished it, that’s when the work began.

I went on TikTok and posted some stories and edits of BTS, and I looked for new ideas before switching over to Instagram. (I have a Hobidipity account there, too.)

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My ideas come from various places, like a trend on TikTok that I remix in my own way, a silly moment in my life that I can use for edits, or just a BTS clip from YouTube that inspired me. I tend to use clips from music videos that just came out or a viral video from one of the members.

Since this was an active content day for me, I used CapCut for a good amount of time as well. This is where I edit videos, so my daily screen time really showed off the three apps I use the most as a creator.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, Instagram, CapCut

Screen Time: 9 hours, 41 minutes

Day 2: Checking The Comments On A Viral Video

From Monday through Thursday, I’m usually too busy for social media because of my internship. (I’m a psych major working on my master’s degree.) But, since this was a particularly slow Monday, I kept checking my phone, mainly TikTok, YouTube, Instagram.

I had a TikTok blow up (about TXT’s “Deja Vu”) with about 710,000 views, so I was checking the comments and replying to them. I really take my time when it comes to comments, because I want to make sure I reply to as many people as I can. People take time out of their day to interact with me, so I want to give back the same energy and love.


I also did a TikTok live later in the day, and it was so fun. It’s always nice to talk to my followers.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram

Screen Time: 8 hours, 10 minutes

Day 3: TikTok Confessions & E-Reading

It was another lovely day at my internship, so I mostly used my phone in the afternoon. Let me tell you, it was an erratic day on TikTok. I went live again, made a TikTok “confessing” my crush on another BTS creator, and waited for their reply. (FYI, they did not.) It was a wild night.

My second most-used app was ReadEra; I was reading a new book while commuting. I always have ePub versions of my fave books on my phone, in case I get bored while going from work to my house.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, ReadEra, Instagram

Screen Time: 8 hours, 6 minutes

Day 4: My Filler Episode Day Of TikTok Scrolling

It was a busy day at work, so I didn’t have that much time to check my socials. One could say it was a “filler episode” kind of day, so there wasn’t anything too special going on.

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

TikTok was still my No. 1 app. I use it for almost everything: recipes, fashion inspo, edit ideas, current events, drama, book recommendations, etc. It’s an all-in-one app, and I genuinely love it.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram

Screen Time: 6 hours, 27 minutes

Day 5: Cultivating A Safe Space On TikTok For ARMY

Seven hours on TikTok? Once again, I didn’t notice the time passing by, as I spent most of my screen time replying to comments or looking at videos fellow BTS stans tagged me in.

It’s important to continue building that relationship between my viewers and myself. I would be nowhere if ARMY didn’t enjoy my silly content, share it, and comment on it.


Having this page has made me realize how negative some people can be on the Internet, and for no specific reason. It took me some time to adjust, but this page is my own — my safe space — and I can and will block out negativity and toxic things. I don’t hesitate to filter and delete mean comments. I block people when they say unnecessary things.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, Internet, Instagram

Screen Time: 9 hours, 24 minutes

Day 6: Trying To Take A Social Media Break... & Failing

I tried to reduce my use of social-media apps, but it didn’t really work as I mostly spent time scrolling on TikTok and reading a book on AO3 (Archive of Our Own).

I’ll never get over how many hours I actually use my phone on a daily basis. It’s surprising.

I love reading when I’m not on social media. Most days, I am either reading on my phone or with a book. I always have one around, so I’ll never get over how many hours I actually use my phone on a daily basis. It’s surprising.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, Internet, Instagram

Screen Time: 7 hours, 17 minutes

Day 7: Editing & Ideating

I spent a lot of time on CapCut this day, because I was switching between my computer and my phone to edit a video that was posted the next day. I usually don’t spend too much time editing; about 30 to 45 minutes should be enough.


TikTok was also a go-to for finding fresh ideas and audios that I could use for a new video. I also like to look for clips of BTS that I can use in future TikToks. My brain is often full of ideas that I try to organize into different folders — both on TikTok and in my phone’s normal storage.

Most-Used Apps: TikTok, CapCut, Instagram

Screen Time: 10 hours, 19 minutes

Final Thoughts: I Have To Set Limits On My TikTok Scrolling


Tracking my phone habits for a week genuinely opened my eyes to how much time I am wasting on social media. I have added reminders and alerts on the app to stop me every 20 minutes and to tell me once I’ve reached more that four hours on TikTok. This is so that I can do other things and get back to different hobbies of mine.

Overall, though, this was a nice experience, and I loved journaling my week.