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The Bridgertons in Season 3, learning their zodiac signs.

The Bridgerton Character For Your Zodiac Sign Is A Sparkle, Indeed

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If you’re someone who flew through the first half of Bridgerton Season 3, you are not alone. The scandalous series set in the 19th century Regency era had something for everyone: romance, humor, diversity, elegant fashion, plus plenty of drama packed into every episode. Not a single story or secret was off limits, especially to Lady Whistledown and her infamous Society Papers. Because of this, fans got a close look at each character’s nature, despite how much they may have wanted to keep certain things hidden (like pregnancies, affairs, money troubles, etc.). That how it's so easy to figure out the Bridgerton character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Fans are able to easily relate to one of the many complex characters Bridgerton presented. Daphne with her naivety about sex, Simon and his untold promise to his father, Penelope and her... mysterious ways — everyone has a story to tell (even if they don't want to). Bridgerton's characters remind you that no matter how far the collective has come from the 19th century, everyone could still somehow find a way to connect with these individuals, one way or another.

From an astrological perspective, there's definitely a Bridgerton character related to every zodiac sign. Here's the one that connects to yours:

Aries: You’re Lady Danbury


You're independent, headstrong, and a natural-born leader — all these signs clearly point to you being Lady Danbury. Like you, she doesn't back down from any challenge, and will fiercely stand up for the people she loves.

Taurus: You’re Daphne Bridgerton


You prioritize loyalty, comfort, and art in your life, and probably want to indulge in life’s pleasures with a partner by your side. You're also big on trust, and can’t stand being lied to. You may sometimes be stubborn, but like Daphne, at your core, you're just looking for something sweet and simple.

Gemini: You’re Lady Whistledown


Curious with a variety of different interests, Lady Whistledown is someone who prioritizes learning new things about the people around her. Your inquisitive nature can get you in trouble at times — but like Lady Whistledown, you're an intellectual who prioritizes their social life.

Cancer: You’re Lady Violet


Nurturing and protective a la Lady Violet, you do everything you can to keep your loved ones safe. You prioritize your family over everything, and tend to put everyone else’s problems before your own. Your sensitive nature allows you to empathize with the hardships of others, and you will do whatever you can to lend a helping hand.

Leo: You’re Lady Featherington


Determined to be the best, you place emphasis on your goals and aspirations with pride. You crave acknowledgement and appreciation, and have a keen sense of how to get ahead in life. You strive to hold a powerful role in society, not unlike Lady Featherington, where you can put your leadership skills to good use.

Virgo: You’re Penelope Featherington


You’re excellent at ironing out details and solving the problem at hand. There’s an innate desire to be of service for those in need, although you can sometimes get lost in the details. Your practicality helps you figure out the best way to eliminate any issues. Are you sure you're not Penelope Featherington in the flesh?

Libra: You’re Queen Charlotte


Fair-minded and relatable, you prioritize your social life over all else, maintaining friendly relationships with everyone around you. You strive for unity and togetherness in your life, and love to see relationships between others flourish. Total Queen Charlotte vibes.

Scorpio: You’re Simon, Duke of Hastings


Cautious and introverted, you like to keep your cards close to your chest like Simon. You navigate life in a reserved manner, prioritizing your privacy above all else. Your emotions are oftentimes kept under wraps, as you may sometimes feel as though they’re far too intense to be shared. You have an electric air about you, and people wish they knew more about you.

Sagittarius: You’re Marina Thompson


Freedom-loving and adventurous, you strive to adapt and go with the flow in every area of your life. Similarly to Marina Thompson, you don’t do well being limited or restricted, as you prefer to go wherever the wind takes you in that very moment. Your optimistic attitude keeps you in good spirits, and you give yourself the space to learn from your mistakes.

Capricorn: You’re Anthony Bridgerton


Disciplined and traditional, you pride yourself in your practical, traditional nature. You are authoritative and reserved, and prioritize structure in your life. You try your best to remain objective, and strive to make decisions based around logic. Are you sure you're not Anthony Bridgerton?

Aquarius: You’re Eloise Bridgerton


As the humanitarian of the zodiac, your biggest concerns are ensuring everyone gets treated fairly, and is free to live their lives however they choose to. Like Eloise, you express yourself in a rebellious and non-traditional manner, refusing to conform to any limiting structures placed on you.

Pisces: You’re Colin Bridgerton


Compassionate and creative, you are someone who will sacrifice yourself for the needs of others. Your instinctive intuition allows you to see people for who they really are, and you are deeply admired for your caring heart. You're 100 percent Colin Bridgerton.

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