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27 Sleep Products That’ll Elevate Your Bedtime Routine

Elite Daily editors share the essentials they swear by.

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Yes, there is such a thing as waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Whether you get a good night’s sleep can make or break your day. Too little sleep one night can make you a little cranky the next day; too little sleep multiple nights in a row can lead to some emotional distress; and frequent lack of sleep can lead to more serious health issues over time (i.e. depression, high blood pressure, and memory loss, to name a few). Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy things you can do — and products you can buy — so you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and overall have better quality sleep. It’s the perfect trifecta.

In an ideal world, you could buy one magic item that would instantly lull you off into the deepest sleep of your life; in reality, there is no one size fits all. Depending on whatever might be keeping you up at night — your loud neighbors, bad allergies, anxiety — there could be a different sleep product that might help you relax enough to catch some Z’s. Below, Elite Daily’s team of editors and writers rounded up their favorite items to set you up for sleep success. From self-care essentials to apply before you doze to next-level cozy bedding items, consider your nighttime routine elevated.

Sleep Tech Products That Are Worth Every $$$

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A Humidifier That Makes Your Room Smell Great

This sleek, stylish, and quiet humidifier automatically adjusts based on the room’s humidity level, and it stays on until it’s out of water (aka no gross and stagnant water). Plus, the little aromatherapy pucks that go on top are absolutely genius — you don’t have to worry about setting up a separate diffuser or mixing essential oils into your water tank. The noise level and the amount of scent are absolutely perfect, and I wake up feeling fresher and less congested in the morning. — Hayley Schueneman, newsletter editor

An Air Purifier That Blocks Out Loud Noises

This tiny air purifier has made a huge difference in my apartment. It doesn’t take up too much space, but it’s really effective with four different filters that trap 99.9% of dust particles (huge, since I’m allergic). With three different modes (sleep, regular, and ultra-clean), you can personalize the sound level to your preferences. I tend to keep it on ultra-clean mode at all times because it doubles as a white noise machine, helping block out the sounds of the street. — Hannah Kerns, dating staff writer

A Diffuser That Scents Your Room With Pure Essential Oils

It makes me so much more relaxed and zen when my bedroom smells good, but I get nervous about lighting candles too close to bedtime when I’m feeling sleepy. This diffuser is great for gently scenting my space with essential oils that promote sleep, plus I think the ceramic design looks so chic and minimalistic. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Portable Electric Fan That Cools You While You Sleep

There’s nothing worse than waking up sweaty from overheating, and sometimes the AC can be a bit too much. This electric fan adds the perfect amount of coolness by blowing just the right amount of cold air onto me and circulating it around the room. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A White Noise Machine That Blocks Out City Noises

I bought this noise machine to drown out the sounds of traffic, roommates, and the general chaos of New York City a few years ago. Even when there aren’t loud noises to block now that I’m living in the quiet suburbs, I’ve found white noise to be incredibly soothing — and something that helps me fall asleep almost instantly. It’s also pretty small, so I always pack it when I’m traveling. (Hey, sleep is important on vacay, too!) — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

Ear Plugs That Help You Snooze In Silence

Simple and cheap, a set of ear plugs is my go-to fix whenever noise is keeping me awake. Whether your partner snores or grinds their teeth, your roommates are night owls, or you live on a busy street, these reusable ear plugs are great at canceling out loud noises. As a bonus, you can also use them at loud concerts. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Ring That Tracks Your Sleep & Energy Levels

The Oura Ring is one of the best ways to track the quality of your sleep long-term. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’s great for giving you info on how well you slept the night before, your sleep readiness, and your activity/energy levels throughout the day. Based on its findings, it also gives you suggestions on ways you can adjust your daily routine to improve your sleep over time. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Smart Eye Mask That Helps Relieve Anxiety & Headaches

If stress or migraines are keeping you from dozing off, these SmartGoggles from Therabody need to be part of your night routine. Using a combination of vibrations, massages, or heat, the goggles SmartRelax mode is designed to get rid of stress and anxiety by physically lowering your heart rate. As someone who works on a screen all day, this is a game-changer. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Light That Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep & Wake Up

I didn’t realize my bedroom lighting was making it harder for me to fall asleep until I tried this glow light, which slowly dims over time. By setting the optimal lighting for you to doze off and mimicking sunlight for waking up, I feel like it’s so much easier to get out of bed without hitting the snooze button over and over. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

An iPhone & Tablet Holder For Watching Shows At Night

I know you’re not *supposed* to watch TV before bed, but I find it so relaxing to watch reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office until I drift off to sleep. This device has made that so much easier, and I find that I’m falling asleep much faster because I don’t have to hold my iPad. It’s still blue light, but hey, at least I’m avoiding neck and joint pain. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

Self-Care Essentials To Apply Before Bed

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A Sleep Mask That Keeps Your Eyelashes Looking Fly

I take this sleep mask with me on any overnight stays. Rather than press down on my eyes, it presses down on the space around it (really helpful for those who get lash lifts). Plus it blocks out more light than your typical sleep mask. Wins all around. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences and style

A Face Mist With A Mix Of Calming Essential Oils

I use the “Stress Relief” Saje face and body mist multiple times throughout the day whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, and the “Sleep Well” mist works just as well. It’s become a bedtime ritual where I lightly spray my face every night before getting into bed. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Cute PJ Set That’s Super Soft

I was never a PJ set girly, but then I found this satin pair and never looked back. They’re super cute and so comfortable. You feel like you’re laying on the softest sheets ever before you even get into bed, which makes falling asleep (and staying asleep) so much easier. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

An Overnight Oil That Works While You Sleep

I love to use this treatment oil as part of my evening skin care routine (especially with gua sha) because I wake up with the most luminous, glowy, and hydrated skin. I also have pretty sensitive skin, but this has never broken me out or made me feel oily. Yes, it’s a bit of a splurge, but completely worth it for how refreshed and radiant my face looks in the morning. — Abby Lebet, manager, editorial operations

An Adaptogenic Tea You Can Steep Before Bedtime

As someone who’s skeptical about sleep supplements, I love that I recognize all the ingredients in this coconut chai-flavored tea, which supports sleep and relaxation. When I’m feeling restless or anxious, I steep a mug before bed and it puts me to sleep almost instantly. The packaging is also stunning — I use it as a vase when I’m done. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

An Essential Oil With A Relaxing Scent

In a pinch, there’s nothing like the scent of a good quality essential oil with no additives to naturally help you relax and wind down, and lavender is my fave for bedtime. Just make sure to mix with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) before putting it on your skin, or dab it on bed sheets. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Calming Mist For Your Pillows And Sheets

I’ve been using this stuff for a decade(!) now, and I just keep coming back to it. The scent is subtle, refreshing, and helps let my body know that it’s time to relax. It’s become a reliable part of my nightly routine. — Sarah Ellis, dating editor

A Hydrating Face Oil That Doesn’t Cause Breakouts

As someone with acne-prone, combination skin, I’m usually very nervous using anything with the word “oil” on my face — but just because this product contains olive oil doesn’t mean it’s oily. Instead, it’s giving overnight smoothness, nourishment, and hydration. You know what it’s not giving? Breakouts. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences and style

A Soothing Tea That Helps You Wind Down

Drinking tea is the first step of my nightly wind-down routine. On the nights I don’t drink it, I can see a noticeable difference in how relaxed I feel (spoiler: not relaxed at all). Chamomile is my go-to, and this blend with hints of honey and mint hits the spot. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

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A Weighted Eye Mask With Aromatherapy

Weighted blanket fans will be all over this super cute weighted eye mask. The slight added pressure feels great and reduces anxiety, and it’s filled with flaxseed and locally sourced lavender buds to help you fall asleep faster. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Calming Candle That Makes Your Room Smell Great

I’m obsessed with the Dream candle from The Harlem Candle Company. With notes of lavender, bergamot, and jasmine, it’s impossible not to feel instantly calm once this floral, fresh-smelling fragrance hits your room. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

Comforting Items That’ll Take Your Bedding To The Next Level

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A Luxe Pillowcase That’s Gentle On Your Hair

My mom loves to remind me that, growing up, I could not go to sleep without touching something silky. Welp, apparently that remains true, because my silk pillowcase is everything. Not only is it soft to the touch, it’s also gentle on hair (no breakage!) and skin (no breakouts!). — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences and style

A Weighted Blanket That Helps Your Body Relax

Whenever I’m having a hard time falling asleep or have had a stressful day where my mind is restless, I use my weighted blanket. The pressure immediately calms me down, and I find that it actually helps me to fall asleep faster. It’s like a little cocoon. — Rachel Chapman, experiences staff writer

An Orthopedic Pillow That Prevents Back Pain

I have terrible posture, which means my back hurts when I wake up. My chiropractor recommended I sleep with extra support under my neck, and I’ve found I have less back pain when I wake up with this orthopedic pillow. — Rachel Chapman, experiences staff writer

A Pillow That Elevates Your Legs

Sleeping with your legs propped up can improve your blood circulation and reduce muscle tension and lower back pain. Instead of springing for an expensive mattress that allows you to adjust the elevation, a pillow that lifts your legs up does the same exact thing for a fraction of the cost. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

Blackout Curtains That Keep Your Room Super Dark

My ideal bedroom is as cold and as dark as possible, making a pair of heat-blocking blackout curtains an essential part of my sleep routine. Since I naturally wake up as soon as the sun starts to rise, these are great if I’m trying to sleep in during the weekends. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Cooling Pillow That Prevents You From Overheating

I felt like I was constantly turning my pillow over to get to the cold side before I tried the Marlow Pillow. I never feel overheated when I sleep on it, plus I love that the memory foam texture is the perfect combo of firm and soft. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

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