The best places to see fall foliage in the US on a roatrip or hike in 2022.
Here’s Where To See Fall Foliage This Year For The Ultimate Leaf Peeping Vacay

This view and a pumpkin spice latte are all I need.

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One of the most magical things about the fall season is watching the leaves turn into gorgeous golden hues of red, orange, and yellow. It’s as if the whole landscape is welcoming you into the coziest time of year, calling you to sip on a warm pumpkin spice latte as you breathe in the crisp autumn air. Taking a road trip down the scenic route to a charming town is the best way to experience the lush foliage in October and November, and there are so many leaf peeping places to see before the leaves fall to the ground for good. Keep scrolling to uncover gem destinations in the U.S. and the best places to see fall foliage in 2022.

Whether you love scaling a mountain hike to catch an epic view of the landscape, driving down a scenic highway, or simply chilling on a quiet bench under the bright leaves, it’s important to plan your fall foliage tour with perfect timing for catching all the colors. These special leaf peeping spots in the U.S. start turning orange at different times in the season, depending on their location like elevation and proximity to water. It’s ideal to anticipate an October road trip through the leaves, where you can stop at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch along the way as Halloween creeps up.

Fall is basically here, so throw on your flannel, dust off your hiking boots, and start planning your outdoor excursions before the frigid cold blows in for winter. There’s only one sweet spot in the year where the country’s landscape is set ablaze by a warm blanket of color, so head off on a weekend to one of these spectacular spots to see fall foliage in 2022.

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The Berkshires, Massachusetts

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The Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts are a perfect place to explore cute towns and hiking trails while you take in the colors of the season. The foliage peaks in October and moves west to east, so make sure to time your trip out accordingly.

Acadia National Park, Maine

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Up north in Maine, Acadia National Park runs 47,000 acres along the rocky, forest-lined coast of the Atlantic. If you visit in the sweet spot of early October, the Acadia All-American Road is a scenic byway where you can cruise along and gaze at the watercolor mountains, spruce-fur forests, and breezy sailboats.

Napa Valley, California

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The golden vineyards of Napa Valley California really shine in autumn. You can walk through the yellow foliage while checking out the wineries, and then head to a wine tasting so you can sip while you take in the glorious views.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

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The White Mountains of New Hampshire sit between Massachusetts and Canada with beautiful lookout points to admire the colorful views or snap a few photos. Check out the Sunapee Loop on your road trip to discover charming towns, boutiques, antiques, and glittering lakes.

Central Park, New York City

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If you want to be among foliage but would rather hit the city than the mountains, head to Central Park in Manhattan, New York where you can explore all 834 acres of the massive park. It’s the perfect place to grab a latte and relax under the bright leaves on a bench or an intricate bridge between late October and early November.

Aspen, Colorado

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Colorado is known for its natural scenery, and you’ll never be bored in Aspen in October. You can ride a gondola to take in the majestic landscape of orange forests or take your views by foot and grab a hiking trail along Hunter Creek. You can venture southwest of Aspen for spectacular views of the Elk Mountains and see the two, dark red bell-shaped mountain peaks called the Maroon Bells that sit above the glacial Maroon Creek Valley.

Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina

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Blue Rudge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina is a very popular driving trip for viewing fall foliage in mid to late October. Depending on your elevation in the mountains, you’ll be able to see the range of orange, yellow, red, and even purple leaves before the fall for the winter.

Mount Hood, Oregon

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The Mount Hood byway in Oregon encompasses a hundred-mile route along the mountains, fruit valleys, and forests. Through the bright leaves, you can see the Hood River flow down from the glacial mountain peaks into the Columbia River. In town nearby, you’ll find hike trails, kayaking, biking, and other outdoor activities you can do while you take in the scenery.

Tunnel of Trees, Michigan

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Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees is a breathtaking 20-mile scenic drive down the historic M-119 highway, known for its drooping arches of yellow and orange during late September and mid-October. Pull over and hop out of the car to grab amazing pictures of the colorful avenue.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana

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Seeing Yellowstone National Park in Montana is probably on your American road trip bucket list, and autumn is an ideal time to visit. Wander down the backroads, pull over to embark on a hike, and snap tons of leaf peeping photos that are so jaw-dropping they’ll look like paintings.

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