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The 12 Best Pisces Traits Make The Water Sign Extra Magical

Intuitive. Romantic. Wise. What’s not to love?

by Roya Backlund and Valerie Mesa
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If you’ve been living in a dreamlike state this season, you’re not alone. The sun’s journey through enchanting Pisces means that it’s time to immerse yourself in themes of romance, dreams, and fantasy. This water sign is symbolized by two fish chasing each other's tails, signifying many layers of emotional depth, as well as wanting two different things at once. This is the central theme of Pisces: the separation of and union between their desire to escape into a dream world and remain connected to reality. And you’d be blessed to have a Pisces in your life. They hold your hands while you traverse unknown territories of the heart, reminding you that everything is OK. Since it’s their birthday season, what better time is there to talk about the best Pisces qualities?

It’s no wonder that many who were born with Pisces placements are celebrated for their vivid imagination and brilliant artistry. Legendary Pisceans like Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, and Elizabeth Taylor are proof that this sign can take you to beautiful places you never dreamed you'd be able to visit. People of this sign are connected to another universe, one the rest of humanity is only able to catch glimpses of. They, however, visit magical places every day, returning with plenty of stardust to sprinkle on the heads of everyone else.

Here are 12 of positive Pisces qualities that make them so irrevocably magical:

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1. Pisces are intuitive.

A Pisces listens to their gut before making most of their decisions and they're usually right. This is because they tend to feel things with their heart before judging things with their head, and their sharpened intuition makes them almost psychic. They pick up even the most subtle emotional vibrations. You really can't tell a Pisces a lie.

2. They’re unselfish.

They're the last sign to selfishly put their needs above others and will happily sacrifice their comfort if it means they can help someone else. They think of the greater good rather than their own individual gain. To a Pisces, leaving the world behind in better shape than it was before would be their greatest work.

3. And wise.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and, therefore, the sign that contains the most wisdom. They are born with an almost innate knowledge of the world around them, seeing everything through the eyes of someone who has lived for hundreds of years. Their perspective is always enlightening to those who know them.

4. All Pisces zodiac signs are imaginative.

A Pisces sees colors that cannot be seen by the average eye. They're keenly aware of the beauty that surrounds them everywhere, at all times. Their imagination is even more magnificent. They have daydreams so vivid that they conjure alternate universes into reality, straight from their minds. They take any chance they can get to dip into these other worlds.

5. They’re compassionate.

Their empathy runs deep. It's difficult for a Pisces to ever be truly mad at someone, for they see the pain behind every negative action. Their instinct is to love someone, despite how unlovable they might be to others. They're also able to feel the emotions of others as though it's happening to them, making them beyond understanding of whatever you're going through.

6. As well as romantic.

They have in insatiable desire to make everything even more magical, even more romantic. They make for the gushiest, most swoon-worthy partners who always find a moment to leave behind a sweet love note, to bake you a dessert just because. Leave it to them to bring you to tears just with a few simple words. A Pisces loves like the object of their affection is the sun.

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7. Roughly 99% adaptable.

Being one of the three mutable signs in the zodiac, a Pisces is able to move through new environments like they've been there many times before. This is due to their sensitivity and receptiveness. They can relate to anyone, to any situation, and they can also find something to love about anything. This is why they tend to have so many friends from different walks of life.

8. They’re open-minded.

You'd be hard-pressed to find an uncompromising Pisces. They never let their perspectives harden into something that cannot be changed. Always seeking to find a greater truth, their outlook on life is constantly on edit mode. They rarely ever let preconceived notions dictate the opinions they form.

9. As well as artistic.

Pisces is one of the most artistically gifted signs in all the zodiac. Even if they aren't artists by trade, they execute every detail in their life with creative flare. Whenever you notice something innovative or intricately beautiful, it's probable that the hands of a Pisces were behind it.

10. And independent AF.

People don't usually think of Pisces as an independent sign, but that's a huge misconception. The mental health of a Pisces requires a good amount of solitude. This is where they can connect to their artistic and imaginative thought process best. Their greatest ideas often come to them when they're wandering alone.

11. Pisces are also spiritual.

Pisces’ spirituality is all-encompassing; whether you look at it in terms of their artistic capabilities or their innate ability to empathize with the rest of the world, their connection to a higher power is undeniable. Pisces believes in magic, and the wonder in their eyes never ceases to inspire those around them.

12. And are forever enchanting.

If you look closely into a Pisces’ eyes, you can probably see the ocean. It’s no secret that this mutable water sign tends to wear rose-colored glasses, but the beauty of having these ethereal visions is that they tend to shine through while interacting with others. Everything from Pisces’ magical aesthetic to their demeanor is mystical, and otherworldly.

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