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These sorority outfit ideas are perfect for your group Halloween costume.

12 Sorority Group Costume Ideas Your Sisters Will Love

Make a splash at your Halloween events this year.

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Halloween will be here sooner than you think, and if you already have a go-to squad like your sorority, you know a unanimous costume theme is in order. Being in a sorority is all about unity and sisterhood, and your costume should signify that, in addition to the playful, loving, and awesome friendship you share. Choosing the right sorority group Halloween costume can get you tons of compliments and make for a fun night together (once you can all agree on which option to choose).

Halloween has drawn some of the most creative ideas from all types of people — the Kardashian sisters are out here serving looks year after year — and you want to be wearing something memorable. Something comfortable couldn't hurt, either, because who doesn't like to bust some epic dance moves at a Halloween party? You need a costume that does both.

Once September is over, Halloween is basically just around the corner (believe it or not). Planning your outfits is a group effort, and the sooner you get thinking about group costume ideas, the easier it will be to coordinate. Plus, you’ll need to allow plenty of time for shipping or to DIY your costumes if you plan on getting crafty. If you're ready to flip through some inspiration, check out these sorority outfit ideas for your coordinated group costume with your sisters.

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1. Bridgerton Group Costume

As a series known for elaborate costumes, jewels, and wigs, it only makes sense to model your sorority outfits after the high society ladies of Bridgerton. Whether you’re choosing specific characters to dress as or simply plan to don the Regency look, there’s no shortage of gowns to pull inspiration from — the show’s heroine, Daphne, sported over 100 dresses alone. It’s all about the pastels, florals, and oversized jewels.

2. Britney Spears Group Costume

This one is a guaranteed hit at Halloween parties and the perfect group costume for sorority sisters. Have each person choose one of Britney’s iconic music video looks to dress as: You’ve got flight attendant “Toxic” Britney, “...Baby One More Time” Britney, ‘90s school girl Britney, “Oops!...I Did It Again” Britney in a red metallic jumpsuit — the list goes on.

3. M&M’s Group Costume

OK, we can all use a dose of sweetness sometimes. If you aren't sweet, it's Halloween, so you're dressing up like something you normally wouldn't. You all can be the best batch of M&M's anyone has ever seen.

4. Sailors Group Costume

Even if you don't have a sailboat to hit the high seas, you and your pals could still be cute sailors. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to wear those adorable hats? Plus, there's plenty of fun to be had on shore with this getup.

5. Sex And The City Group Costume

In anticipation of the upcoming SATC revival, And Just Like That..., channel Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda (and maybe even some of the new characters) with your sorority sisters. You’ve got plenty of looks to choose from, ranging from Carrie’s iconic tutu to her bird hat from the new series.

6. Firefighters Group Costume

There's nothing wrong with getting extra fierce with your costume choice. Strap on the suspenders and get to work. Is it hot in here? When you and your sisters roll up, it will be.

7. Disney Princesses Group Costume

OK, normally I'm against letting Disney seep into every asset of our adult lives, but the princesses really had some cute ensembles. Because there are a good number of princesses to choose from, you can represent basically all of them with your group. Turn Halloween into something magical.

8. Social Media Group Costume

Hey, we're already on our apps for countless hours of the day, so why not wear them as an outfit? Instead of people obsessively looking at their phones, they'll be looking at your clever costumes. It'll literally be like those apps on their screen came to life.

9. La Croix Group Costume

Not only are they delicious to sip on, but they make some super cute group costumes too. The seltzers come in a pack, which is just too fitting for a pack of besties. Go as one flavor or make it a variety pack with a mix of each person’s favorites.

10. A League Of Their Own Group Costume

Not only is this a great throwback film to depict, but the message of sisterhood is incredibly relayed. Also, the sneaker finish will serve you well when you're dancing all night long at a Halloween party. Knock it out of the park.

11. Ghostbusters Group Costume

Halloween ghosts stand no chance against a sorority of ghostbusters. And come on, who couldn’t use a costume with a backpack for a long night out? Now pull on your combat boots — it’s time to save the city.

12. Cocktails Group Costume

You’re more than likely to run into some creative drinks at a Halloween party — why not turn it into a group costume? Plus, you’ll have more than enough participants for a full bar’s worth of choices.

No matter which idea you go with, you and your sisters will have the best time in a group Halloween costume that will definitely get people talking. Bonus points if you do a TikTok challenge together to document the occasion.

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