Magic set for rituals with crystals to show the best gifts for witches.
10 Magical Gifts That Will Make Your Fellow Witches Feel So Seen This Season

Cast a spell over the holidays.

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What’s the one thing that’s harder than remembering to get all your holiday shopping done on time? Finding the perfect gift, of course. The key lies in taking time to get to know a person, remembering their interests, and purchasing an item that not only captures their essence, but proves how well you understand them. Cookie cutter gifts get the job done, but do they linger in the recipient’s memory? Not as much as a gift that speaks to their soul will. If your loved one happens to be a witch (or, at the very least, someone who has an interest in the occult), I’ve curated a list of the best gifts for witches that will cast a spell on their heart.

Every witch is deeply unique, but they all have one thing in common: an intuitive connection with the unseen forces that surround us all. Witches love penetrating deep truths, admiring natural beauty, embracing creativity, and conjuring the future. If you have a witch in your life, I bet you know all about their nurturing and enchanting ways. They heal you when you’re feeling down and they always know how to turn a boring situation into a mystical one. Your fellow witch has probably done so much for you, so why not share the wealth and do something for them?

Any one of these gifts will leave a witch feeling so seen:

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A Book On Witchcraft

TASCHEN’s Witchcraft. Library of Esoterica is just as magical as it sounds. This book is a tour de force, taking you all the way through the global history of witchcraft. Filled with essays written by profound thinkers, glossy spreads emblazoned with haunting artwork, and interviews with modern witches, it fully immerses you in the ancient practice of magic. This book feels like a gem in your hands, until you open it and realize every single page is its own gem too. With a release date of Nov. 21, it comes out just in time for the holidays.


A “Money Genie” In A Jar

You could spend a lot of money on an expensive gift or you could gift your fellow witch something that helps them make that money themselves. Enter the Money Drawing Fixed Candle from Haus of Hoodoo, a powerful source of potential financial gain. You can use this candle to manifest the money you’ve been dreaming of, making this the perfect gift for someone who wants to get rich in 2022. What witch would say no to a fully stocked checking account?


A Candle That Radiates Magical Vibrations

One thing every witch needs in their arsenal is a candle that’s way too fancy for their own good. That’s where Anita Apothecary’s Enchantment candle comes in. This often imitated but never duplicated candle radiates magical vibrations and transports you to a crystal-laden faerie glen you’ll never want to leave. If anyone wants to invite more mysticism into their life, look no further than this candle, because it radiates magic before it’s even been lit.


A Wild Tarot Card Deck

Designed by Megan Wyreweden, the Anima Mundi Tarot Deck vibrates with the power of the natural elements. This deck does not primarily involve humans in its artwork, because this deck translates the symbolism of the Rider-Waite tarot into a language that speaks to the wild. Each card is emblazoned with animals, plants, and landscapes that remind you to let go of your ego and embrace the sublime beauty of the natural world. These gorgeous cards even have gilded edges, emphasizing their need to be gifted to someone.


A Romance Manifesting Kit

If your fellow witch is flirtatious and ready to fall in love, then you won’t want to think twice before gifting them the Hello, Venus Kit from Love by Luna. This collaboration with astrologer Valerie Mesa will send hearts racing. It includes a mesmerizing roll-on essential oil, a pink-gold nail polish infused with carnelian and rose quartz, a golden compact mirror, and a heart-shaped rose quartz for good measure. With this kit, your fellow witch will be attracting love all throughout 2022.


A Book On Your Saturn Return

The end of the year tends to evoke thoughts of self-improvement. When a witch has these thoughts, they often use astrology to understand how to become their best self. If your fellow witch wants to understand how far they’ve come and how far they’ve yet to go, Lisa Stardust’s Saturn Return Survival Guide is the mystical manual that will explain it all. Your Saturn return takes place around ages 27 to 30, and it’s when major life changes and challenges arrive at your doorstep. This book will tell you all about how it will also make you stronger.


A Witchcraft Supplies Box

There’s no feeling more frustrating than finding the perfect spell, only to realize you have none of the necessary tools to perform the ritual that it entails. That’s why this Witchcraft Supplies Box is the ideal gift for any witch who wants to expand their toolkit. It contains 12 different magical herbs, 12 bottles filled with different gemstones, and 12 colored candles. A gift like this makes a witch’s life so much easier.


A Boundary-Setting Spray

Witches are highly empathetic, intuitive, and sensitive creatures. They have a tendency to absorb energy wherever they go, which can make them feel drained or overwhelmed by demanding social interactions. That’s where Boundaries in a Bottle comes in handy. Whenever your fellow witch feels like they need some added protection, this spray will act as a force field that guards their aura. This spray is infused with defensive crystals such as black tourmaline and smoky quartz. It also contains essential oils such as silver fir and black pine.


A Tarot Card Tapestry

It’s no secret that witches love to decorate and embellish their living space. If they have a blank wall that could use some artwork, Thiago Corrêa’s tapestries with Society6 are emblazoned designs centered on cats and tarot cards. And realistically, what witch doesn’t love cats and tarot cards? This artistic combination of both is bound to knock any witch off their broomstick.


A Self-Love Box

If you and a friend or two want to chip in for the same gift, House of Intuition curates entire gift boxes that are centered on a specific intention you can send your fellow mystic. Gifting your fellow witch one of these boxes will provide them with all the magic they need to bring their vision to life. Take this Self-Love Box, for example. It contains a gorgeous candle infused with magical intent, a cleansing ritual kit, an anointing oil centered on love, a box of moon-themed matches, a purifying spray, a romantic dusting powder, and even a rose quartz body polish. Need I say more?