A woman sitting in trendy pink room looking at #BamaRush 2022 dorm inspiration on TikTok.
10 Bama Rush 2022 Dorm Decor Pieces That Are Trending On TikTok

Sorority-approved hacks for your fridge, bed, and more.


It’s finally #BamaRush season, and sorority TikTok is already jumping into this year’s room decor trends. It’s so important to furnish your dorm room in a way that sparks joy and motivates you to have a great school year ahead. It should be comfortable, organized, and versatile for late-night study sessions or sleepovers with the girls. Above all, it should be aesthetic AF. If you’re loving all the dorm decor content from the sorority sisters on TikTok, check out these trending ‘Bama Rush 2022 dorm decor must-haves to order for your room this semester.

If your style is colorful, clean, and glamourous, these Bama dorm decor trends are probably right up your alley. This year’s popular dorm design definitely includes two dorm beds lifted up high on risers in front of headboards, side tables will tall lamps, bright hues, and personal touches like monograms and jewelry displays. @sockbunstudios, a #RushTok creator on TikTok, even came up with a “bingo” card for all the staple pieces for a 2022 ‘Bama rush dorm. Next time you scroll for dorm tours and decor inspiration, see how many spaces you can cover on the board.

Rush week has probably been trending all over your “For You” page lately, because it’s such a fun time to make new memories and start the new year out right. If you’re new to Greek life, you may be itching to find out what house you’ll live in and what lifelong friends you’ll meet. You’re probably so busy with all the festivities that you’ve barely had time to map out your dorm room with your roommate. Don’t rush through your decor, because we’ve got you covered. If you need some inspiration, check out these #BamaRush 2022 dorm decor videos on TikTok for 2022.


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Fun Neon Signs


Neon signs are a major trend for ‘Bama rush 2022 dorm decor, and these TikToks by @francescamartinn and @halleblu1 show a few different ways to display them. They’re a fun way to express your style while also setting the mood with some cool lighting, and they’re usually not too expensive. You can find a bunch on Amazon. Get one made custom to your and your roommate’s names to hang above your beds, or you can get them in cute phrases or shapes to sprinkle across your space, like a trendy butterfly or “xoxo.”

Clever Fridge Cabinet

A mini fridge can totally throw off your decor’s vibe and take up precious space in your dorm room. You can hide your refrigerator with a stylish mini fridge cabinet that instantly turns it into a bedside table, popularized by home and ‘Bama dorm designer @afterfivedesigns on Instagram. No one will be able to tell there’s a fridge in there, and it’s a great top surface for food storage, to prop a mirror, or place a statement lamp.

Monogram Accessories

Dorm Decor

Monograms can be so chic and functional in a dorm setting because they’ll help you and your roommate be able to tell your things apart. Whether you slap your three letters on a pillowcase like @maggie.claire.thomas shows in her dorm tour on TikTok, or a mug, tote bag, or throw blanket, you’ll definitely be on-trend for ‘Bama rush 2022 dorm essentials. For inspo, check out this monogram glass jewelry tray that covers two trends in one.

A Princess Headboard


To get the full #BamaRush decor effect, you have to have a long, glamorous headboard to frame your dorm bed as seen in @kmacmurphy1’s TikTok. Keep in mind the trending style includes lifting your dorm bed on risers so it sits much higher than normal (which gives you a ton of bonus storage space underneath). You can find plenty of princess-worthy dorm headboards on sites like

Poof Ottoman


The towering “Bama bed” definitely requires a stepping stool, which is why poofs or small ottomans are a must. Whether you go for one that’s fuzzy or faux leather, it’ll definitely come in handy when you’re climbing into bed or need extra seating for when your sorority sisters stop by. @lainemartin_ on TikTok shared her new room tour, including where to find her favorite poof on Amazon.

Fluffy, Furry Rug

Adding a furry rug, like this Amazon one, to your small but stylish space adds an element of texture that also makes the room more comfortable. You’ll appreciate it when you have to wake up super early and your feet go directly to the soft surface instead of the cold floor. It’ll also make for a fluffy spot to bond with your sisters over a card game or spa night. Fur rugs are a “bingo” space in @sockbunstudios’s ultimate #RushTok dorm checklist. While they're so in right now for ‘Bama dorms, something so cozy should honestly never go out of style.

Colorful Art


Add some color to your drab dorm walls with statement art you can see in tons of ‘Bama rush dorm tours. Right now, graphic shapes like lips and butterflies are trending for art prints, as well as spray paint and gradient paintings. Whether you put up graphic prints like @emerymitchell, shop trendy dorm decor art online, or DIY popular painting styles like @mvpaintings and @quueensophia TikToks, any touch of color will add amazing energy to your space. You can even order ‘Bama-themed prints to frame, thanks to inspiration from @emmauhry on TikTok.

Tall Statement Lamps


Tall statement lamps on your and your roommate's bedside tables, like in this dorm tour from @gracynedmondsonnn on TikTok, create a sense of symmetry for your room design and a luxe touch. Adding a lamp will make your space feel homier and you can even use an LED color lightbulb if you really want to set the vibe. You can find some good options at any home decor store or this one from Amazon.

Light Up Vanity Mirror


A major dorm essential is a good mirror you can use for skincare, makeup, and all kinds of self-care. ‘Bama Rush dorms always have a light-up mirror set up on the desk, like how @greer.townsend has it set up in her TikTok. You can treat yourself to a shiny vanity table with built-in makeup lights or order a tabletop mirror with mini bulbs. Obviously, you’re going to need a good mirror to glam in before all those rush events.

White Drawer Organizers


White drawer sets like the popular Ikea Alex Drawer Unit are definitely a favorite among ‘Bama babes like @francescamartinn. They give you so much compact storage while still looking like a cute furniture piece. You can organize anything you want in these, from clothing to shoes, makeup, or tech. It’ll also give you another surface to store your pretty items on top, like jewelry or perfume.