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These 3 Signs Can Expect A Dramatic Show During This Week's New Moon

Intense doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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When a new moon takes place, it can radiate regenerating and rejuvenating energy throughout the universe. This is when the lunar cycle embraces a spiritual reset, giving you an opportunity to start over. Think of a new moon as the beginning of your next story. You can set a fresh intention to guide you forward, commence a new project, or even make a point of letting something go. No matter what you decide to do, your next move will infuse the rest of your journey, giving you a head start. The August 2021 new moon in Leo will affect these zodiac signs the most — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — so if you happen to be a fixed sign, you may be starting a major chapter of your life.

Since the upcoming new moon takes place in bold, courageous, and creative Leo, you can expect a dramatic show. This zodiac sign loves being the center of attention, where it can revel in its glory and entertain others with its artistry. Leo is literally the lion (aka the ruler of the jungle) of the zodiac, making it a sign that naturally attracts reverence.

Taking place on Aug. 8 at 9:49 a.m. ET, this new moon in Leo may feel particularly interesting. After all, it’s battling a T-square with inhibiting Saturn and erratic Uranus, which could result in a pressure cooker of raging energy that could burst at any moment. Whether you decide to calm things down or embrace the boiling point is up to you. But if you happen to be any of the following zodiac signs, here’s why you might feel this intensity the most:

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Taurus: Your Personal Life May Be Experiencing Change

You may be sorting through some emotional baggage on this new moon, Taurus. As it highlights your experiences from early childhood and brings your attention to matters of the heart, this new moon will encourage you to refine your connection with your roots. You can’t change where you come from, but you can change where you go. Create the home you’ve always wanted.

Leo: You’re Learning So Much About Who You Really Are

You may feel as though you’re being pulled into so many different directions, Leo. One part of you may want to make everyone else happy and the other part of you may feel like rejecting all of these expectations and doing your own thing. There’s most likely not going to be an easy way out of this situation. However, you know what the right answer is. Do what you need to do in order to become the person you want to be.

Scorpio: You’re Rethinking Where Your Career Is Going

It’s time to embrace authority, Scorpio. Embracing authority doesn’t necessarily look like following the rules, listening to your boss, and doing what you’re told. This new moon is encouraging you to reconnect with the authority you have over your own life. You may have a boss, but you’re still the boss of your own work, your own goals, and your own reputation. Let this new moon take your career to the top.

Aquarius: Your Relationship Dynamics Are Being Reshaped

This new moon is initiating a new beginning in your relationships, Aquarius. It’s time to prioritize the relationships that truly bring out the best in you. It’s time to rethink the kind of partner you are, the kind of partner you want, and the kind of partner you might already have. Ask yourself how you can improve your current relationships, and how you can attract the relationships that inspire you.

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