Young woman surrounded by flowers reflects on the 2022 pink moon, which will affect every zodiac sig...

The 2022 Pink Moon Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign In The Best Of Ways

Balance, love, and harmony is on everyone’s mind.

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On April 16, the full Pink Moon will illuminate the night sky in Libra, bringing a need for partnership, balance, and unity to every zodiac sign’s birth chart. While the Pink Moon won’t actually display a pink hue, this is the first full moon of the spring season, and being ruled by Venus, the name is certainly fitting.

Here’s what every zodiac sign can expect during the 2022 Pink Moon:

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As Aries season comes to a close, the Pink Moon will highlight your seventh house of relationships, asking that you shift your focus to your connections. After a long, “you”-oriented season, your relationships are definitely in need of your attention.

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