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You can rent Anne Hathaway's house from 'The Idea of You' on Airbnb for just $407 a night.

Anne Hathaway's House From The Idea Of You Is On Airbnb To Rent

Surprisingly, the Craftsman-style home is not in California.

Instead of Harry Styles and One Direction, The Idea of You starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine has Hayes Campbell and August Moon. The fanfiction-turned-romantic comedy is also supposed to be set in California, but it was actually filmed in Georgia. Set-jetters hoping to relive Solène and Hayes’ love story can even stay in the home from The Idea of You, which is listed on Airbnb.

Many movies and TV shows often choose to film in Georgia for various reasons, like budgets and location needs. Even Netflix transformed Atlanta into Hawkins, Indiana for each season of Stranger Things. Now, you can add Prime Video’s The Idea of You to your list of Georgia locations, and while you’re in Atlanta, stay in Solène’s home from the film. The three-bedroom Craftsman-style residence is not only used for exterior shots, but production took over the entire home for filming in 2022.

The Airbnb listing even has a photo from when production was setting up the location for the shoot, and says in the description, “Stay in the house where The Idea of You movie staring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine was recently filmed.”

If you’ve watched the movie, which premiered on May 2, you’ll instantly recognize the living room where Hayes first plays “Dance Before We Walk” on the piano for Solène. There’s also the kitchen where Hathaway’s character makes a sandwich for the Styles-like Hayes as well.

Prime Video/Airbnb

For a better look inside The Idea of You home, here’s everything you need to know in order to book your stay.

The Idea Of You Airbnb Is Like A Time Capsule From The Film


Before production took over, the Airbnb in Atlanta looked very different. Amy Williams, who did production design for the film, told House Beautiful, “We found [Solène’s home] on Airbnb and selected it for the exterior look, but the interior wasn't right.” To make it look more like an art gallery owner’s trendy Silver Lake residence, they “spent two months renovating it to bring back the historic age and personality.”

Luckily for fans, the owners of the Airbnb decided to keep these changes to the home, so when you book a stay, it’ll feel like a “Solène time capsule,” according to Williams. This screen-accurate stay can also sleep up to six guests, and is in located in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta.

Along with each of the bedrooms, there is also three bathrooms, an office, living room, dining area, and full kitchen for you to enjoy. One night is just $407, which is pretty reasonable with how popular the Airbnb has gotten after the film’s release. If you manage to get five of your friends to plan an Idea of You-themed vacay, it’ll only cost you about $68 a night to stay in Solène’s house.

Courtesy of Prime

While you’re there, you can also visit other filming locations in the area, including the art gallery where Hathaway’s character works. Solène’s office is supposed to be in the trendy LA neighborhood of Silver Lake, but it’s actually in Atlanta’s Chandler Park. Known as The Studio at Chandler Park, this Idea of You location is just 10 minutes from Virginia Highland.

If you’re down for more of a day trip, you could drive to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Located about an hour away from the Airbnb, this is where production recreated Coachella for the movie. Instead of Indio, California where the music festival actually takes place IRL, Prime Video had August Moon perform at the NASCAR race track, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Alisha Wetherill/Prime

The European villa where Solène and Hayes stay is also in Georgia, but unlike the Airbnb, it’s not available to rent. However, production shared that they were able to recreate the streets of Paris while filming in Savannah, so you can still pretend to have a romantic French holiday without using your passport by walking along the Waterfront. It’s about four hours away from Solène’s home, but worth it for a full Idea of You adventure.