A girl character expresses joy while standing next to a snowboy in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'.
Here Are All The Winter Things To Do In Animal Crossing This Time Of Year

Hanging with your snowboys.

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You may have noticed over the past few months that your island oasis in Animal Crossing really goes all out for the seasons. In the fall, your space was likely covered in maple leaves, preparing for the arrival of the turkey chef that would cook you and your villagers a miraculous meal. Now, the shops are decorated for the holidays, and you may be catching a whiff of winter things to do in Animal Crossing, such as catching snowflakes and planting holly bushes.

Per usual, Isabelle gave you a heads up that she'd be working her magic in her morning announcements. She gave you the scoop on DIY recipes to track down in December, and may have even notified you of the first Animal Crossing snow on your island home. But, in the true spirit of adventuring, Animal Crossing always leaves out a few details in these announcements for you to discover on your own. These Animal Crossing winter details may include the seasonal flowers you should buy and plant right now, but are only aware of when you talk to Leif. Or they may involve the fresh toys and games for sale at Nook's Cranny that would make the perfect gift for Filbert, Goldie, Beau, or June.

Luckily for you, we here at Elite Daily are totally tapped into what to do in Animal Crossing this time of year like how to catch snowflakes in Animal Crossing and these other activities that are snow much fun. So, dress your character in a hat and adorable sweater, and get to 'em.

Craft A Snowflake Wreath

First things first: Dress up your home for the season and make a snowflake wreath. Tom Nook may have sent you the needed DIY recipe after your island experienced its first snowfall. But, it's also possible that you can snag the recipe from a friend, a bottle on the beach, a fellow villager, or a snowboy, according to IGN.

Once you get it, you'll need to collect four snowflakes using your net and head to your DIY crafting bench. The snowflake wreath can be hung up on the outside of your front door or in your home.

Buy A Snow Globe From Nook's Cranny

If going to Nook's Cranny is on the top of your daily to-do list, then you'll be so excited about the items you can find there in the month of December. As Timmy and Tommy note when you first walk in — after your island turns into a winter wonderland — they're selling more toys and games than ever. So, you can prep gifts for your friends and villagers.

In the cabinet, you'll find all the wrapping paper you need to put them together. One of the most notable items is probably a snow globe, which you can set up next to your other seasonal decor.

Collect Ornaments From The Trees

When Isabelle wrapped the cedar trees on your island in lights, she left some ornaments in them. Now, when you shake those trees, you'll find that round, sparkly bulbs fall to the ground. If you have room in your pockets, pick them up as they can be so handy for DIY projects and island decorating.

Just be aware: If you're shaking trees, you're likely to run into wasps. So, carry your net with you and stand in front of trees when shaking them, so you can catch them and not get stung.

Make A Snowboy

Have you seen two small snowballs sitting somewhere on your island? Don't ignore them, as they're the beginnings of a super cute snowboy. Essentially, he's like Frosty the Snowman. Once you kick and roll the snowballs to their perfect size, he will come to life and speak to you. He will give you DIY recipes and build a personality. Not to mention, he will make a great addition to your photoshoots.

Snag A Christmas Outfit From Able Sisters

As you may already know, the Able Sisters is a one-stop shop for trendy and seasonal clothes for your character. For holidays past, they've rolled out festive designs like a Christmas tree dress, knit caps, and snow boots that look very similar to UGGs. Now, there is a full Santa outfit and reindeer costume you can buy for the season as well, so be sure to stop into the store to see what they have each day on display. You can even use the fitting room, which offers more color options for the designs you see on the floor.

Plant Holly Bushes Around Your Island

Don't sleep on Leif and his plant starts. Not only is this villager so cute and wholesome, but he's also the best source for seasonal seeds that'll bloom beautifully on your island.

For these winter months, Leif will tell you to snag holly and watch it grow. Buy the seeds in bulk so you can plant them in spots all around your island, and increase your overall rating to, hopefully, five stars.

Try Cooking Some Holiday Recipes

With the new update, you can not only find DIY recipes for crafts, but also food recipes to cook in your very own kitchen. When shopping, you’ll find recipes for items like frosted cookies and seasonal pumpkin pie. With enough food, you could even throw your own festive feast for all your villagers.

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