The budgeting tip you need for 2022, based on your zodiac sign.

Here’s The Budgeting Tip You Need For 2022, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’re making money moves.

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Thanks to the cosmos, I can tell you that 2022 is going to be a major career year for every zodiac sign. And with great career moves comes more opportunities for even greater money moves. Since astrology can clue you in on your purpose in life, showing you how to achieve your dreams and succeed in your career, you should allow it to also be a valuable tool when it comes to financial planning this year. If you’re looking for some cosmic financial aid, here’s the budgeting tip you need for 2022, based on your zodiac sign.

Money is so much more than a number in your bank account. In astrology, money has everything to do with your values, your self-esteem, and the level of abundance you accept into your life. Instead of obsessing over shares, rates, and savings, remember that whatever you decide to place value on will always be worth its weight in gold. However, we still live in a society, and having enough money to not only survive but also *thrive* is crucial to your sense of well-being. As you grow into a responsible and self-sufficient human being, you realize that managing your money is a skill you weren’t born with, but a skill that is learned.

Every zodiac sign has a set of strengths and weaknesses that can make or break the bank. If you harness your natural-born power while remaining mindful of your blind spots, you can make anything happen. And if you’re interested in accumulating more wealth, here’s a piece of budgeting advice your zodiac sign will appreciate:

These financial budgeting tips are intended as lighthearted informational guidelines. For professional advice, seek a financial advisor.

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Aries: Make Your Credit Score A Top Priority

You love to play games, and if you’re motivated by a specific goal, you can accomplish anything. Start building your credit score ASAP and let the improving numbers be your source of motivation. When you have an impeccable credit score, you’ll be among the first to be approved for loans and it can lower insurance rates down the line. You can even access some impressive credit card perks when your score is high, which you’ll *love* taking advantage of.

Taurus: Implement A Spending “Buffer Zone”

You’re a luxurious zodiac sign who loves beautiful, material things (and there’s nothing wrong with that). You deserve to splurge every once in a while, but when you do, make sure you set a limit. You might even benefit from implementing a “buffer zone” after completing a lot of purchases at once. During this time, you can take a break from spending and appreciate all the things your hard-earned money brought into your life.

Gemini: Calculate The Cost Of Your Time And Figure Out How To Negotiate

You’re naturally adept at multitasking, which is why you practically invented the “side hustle.” However, you’re also a bit scatterbrained, and if you calculate exactly how much money you’re making by the hour, it will inspire you to complete tasks more efficiently and get the most money for your time. When negotiating pay, use your expert-level communication skills. If you believe your labor is worth more than the offer, utilize your charisma to ask for more.

Cancer: Sell Used Items And Embrace DIY Projects

Because you’re so sentimental, you might have a tendency to hoard more objects than you know what to do with. Chances are, you’re holding on to some gems that might be worth a hefty sum, so don’t underestimate the amount of money you can make by selling used items online and even holding garage sales. Not only are you entrepreneurial, but you’re also resourceful, which means you should look into DIY options that help you avoid unnecessary purchases.

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Leo: Remember That “Expensive” Doesn’t Always Mean “Better”

You’re a confident zodiac sign and you know you deserve the best. However, you might have a tendency to use your money in a way that feels flashy rather than practical. Pay attention to marketing techniques that convince you to spend more when you don’t need to. When managing your money, keep in mind that quality is not always reflected by the price tag. You most likely could get a lot more bang for your buck once you take glamour out of the equation.

Virgo: Track Your Spending And Follow The 50/30/20 Rule

You’re a detail-oriented zodiac sign who leaves nothing to chance. Track your daily spending, because you’re a natural when it comes to accounting. Work out the logistics of your monthly budget using a journal, an Excel sheet, or even a financial planning app. You’d also benefit from following the 50/30/20 rule to keep your finances organized: reserve 50% of your income for your needs, 30% for your wants, and 20% for your savings and debts.

Libra: Work With A Financial Advisor And Accept Mentorship

You’re a people person, which means that asking for advice and discussing financial opportunities with trusted individuals, or even following financial experts on social media, will be so beneficial to you. If you’re ready to get serious about your finances, talk to someone who knows a lot about money and accept mentorship from others. You may even want to invest in a financial advisor or an accountant who can show you how to manage and improve your budget. People *want* to help you, so give them a chance to.

Scorpio: Invest Your Money In Stocks And Solid Insurance

When it comes to making investments, no one’s got more luck on their side than you do. If you’re willing to put your money into NFTs, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, you’ll find that your money multiplies when you’re not looking. You’ll also feel more confident about your finances when you know you’ve got support on rainy days. Don’t underestimate what a difference it makes when you invest in the level of insurance that will protect your level of risk.

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Sagittarius: Take Financial Planning Courses And Prioritize Your 401(k)

You thrive in an educational environment in which you can learn from someone, take notes, and concoct brilliant financial plans. You’d benefit from enrolling in a financial planning course or simply checking out some YouTube channels and podcasts that discuss your money-related concerns. And because you’re such an adventurer, building a strong 401(k) is a must. You want to have plenty of money for retirement so you can travel the world as you please.

Capricorn: Start An LLC And Take Advantage Of Tax Deductions

You’re the most ambitious sign in all the zodiac, and if you haven’t already started a company, you might want to think about creating your own LLC. This can be as simple as becoming a freelancer or an independent contractor. And if you earn $400 or more per year, you can deduct purchases from your taxes that are work-related, including classes, office supplies, and electronics. Just make sure you’re reading the fine print and/or working with an accountant.

Aquarius: Crowdsource Your Financial Goals

You have the power of the people on your side and your finances are always as strong as your network. With your skill in social outreach, you could make a lot of money by crowdfunding your big ideas, such as with Patreon. You’ll also benefit from joining local mutual aid groups that can help you when money is tight and allow you to return the favor when you’re able. Pro tip: Don’t bite off more than you can chew, because your generosity can make you more susceptible to amassing debt.

Pisces: Create Passive Streams Of Income

Your naturally dreamy and spiritual disposition can make it difficult to focus on the pluses and minuses of your finances. That’s why you could benefit so much from creating passive streams of income where money is continually coming in, even when you’re not working. You could do this by selling photography online, designing T-shirts, renting out your car, or investing in dividend stocks that can bring you residual income over time.

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