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3 Signs Can Expect Positive Career Growth In 2022

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The new year is almost here, which means that every zodiac sign is eager to get started on their list of goals for 2022, especially as we continue to navigate through ambitious Capricorn season. While each person’s individual goals for the next 365 days may vary, there are three signs in particular that will be focusing primarily on career growth this year, and for good reason. Jupiter — the planet of growth and abundance — will be making its way through the entire sign of Pisces and taking a brief dip into Aries, offering expansive new opportunities for Cancer, Gemini, and Pisces, indicating that these three lucky zodiac signs will have the best career year in 2022 by far.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the cosmos, so it comes as no surprise that its influence isn’t subtle by any means. Jupiter tends to offer growth in whatever house it travels through in your birth chart, so the good thing is that everyone will be able to soak up the luck of this planet in 2022 in some way. Cancer, Gemini, and Pisces, however, will be experiencing Jupiter’s influence in the areas of their charts that represents career and professional endeavors, as this planet travels through Pisces until May 10, when it will briefly dip into Aries, retrograde back into Pisces on Oct. 28, until it eventually moves back into Aries on Dec. 20. Jupiter’s trip back and forth through these two signs this year will bring a slew of luck and abundance to these three zodiac signs, so if your sun or rising sign is one of the aforementioned trio, buckle up, because your career success is about to be kicked into overdrive.

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Gemini: You’ll Be Juggling A Busy Schedule, But It’s Aligned With Your Deepest Passions

You’ve been experiencing a lot of newfound success in your career since Dec. 28, 2021, and the growth you’ve noticed won’t be slowing down anytime soon. As Jupiter continues to make its way through your 10th house, your public image and profession will reach new heights — heights you may not have even realized were possible. With Jupiter co-present with Neptune during this time though, it’ll be important that you prioritize clarity in these new endeavors, because the illusive energy of Neptune can oftentimes obstruct your view.

Once Jupiter moves into Aries on May 10, your vision will become far more clear, and you’ll direct many of your new professional endeavors toward your friendships and alliances. As one of the most social signs of the zodiac, it’s essential that your relationships aren’t neglected along with your newfound success, and between May 10 and July 28, you’ll finally find a way to blend the two. Multitasking is one of your many strengths, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be overwhelmed by your busy schedule this year, in fact, you probably prefer it this way.

Cancer: Growth Is Inevitable, But Be Sure To Pace Yourself

There’s been a lot of slow-building success for you in your career since spring 2021, but this is the year that you’ll really start to notice things begin to take off. As Jupiter makes its way through your ninth house of spirituality, you’ll be prompted to expand your mind and your horizons in order to prepare for the increased visibility you’ll be experiencing once Jupiter moves into your 10th house of career and public image on May 10. During this time, you’ll experience plenty of rapid, fast-paced growth in your profession — so much so, that it may even be a bit overwhelming.

Since the expansive energy of Jupiter has no bounds, it’ll be important to pace yourself as new opportunities begin to quickly come your way. Not to worry though, once Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries on July 28, things will slow down long enough for you to be able to catch your breath. The retrograde period will be a time that allows you to reflect, review, and revise the things you may have overlooked while your plate was full, which will likely be much-needed. Things will eventually pick back up again on Nov. 23, when Jupiter regains speed and stations direct.

Pisces: Personal Growth Is Imminent Now, But Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Prone To Deception

As your chart ruler, Jupiter, makes its way through your first house of self for the bulk of the year, you’ll not only be experiencing plenty of personal growth, your career will reflect this as well. Jupiter not only rules your first house, but your 10th house of career and profession as well, so when you prioritize inner expansion, it reflects in your public endeavors too. Though the expansive nature of Jupiter is right up your alley, Neptune’s influence on your chart ruler may make things a tad bit foggy — specifically on April 12, when Jupiter and Neptune exactly conjoin in Pisces. While this may be a great period of opportunity, there may also be something that you’re not necessarily seeing clearly, so be sure to double check any “too good to be true” opportunities that come your way during this time.

All that aside, Jupiter transiting your first house will be incredibly beneficial for you this year, and once it moves into your second house of money and resources on May 10, it will also begin to positively affect your finances, too. You’ll be experiencing a lot of exciting new growth this year, so be sure to hold on tight. It’s going to be a fun — and, at times, bumpy — ride.

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