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These Clever & Cute Planters On Etsy Are Made For Your Fave Soil Mates

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You've given each of your houseplants a name and personality, but now it's time to give them an adorable spot in your home. You could put the monstera you named after Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek near a sunny window, or a shy succulent on a tucked-away shelf. When you're trying to find your favorite soil mates their dream homes, don't forget to snag them one of these funny and clever planters on Etsy, too.

These clever planters on Etsy are not your average clay pot. They're not only crafted by talented independent sellers from around the world, but also feature sweet references to your favorite shows or puns that only a self-proclaimed planet parent would appreciate. Whenever you're video chatting with your friends, they'll instantly notice the boba-inspired pot in the background and say, "Oh, I need that." Before you know it, you will be influencing plant parents everywhere to buy cooler and funnier pots.

You can choose one of these funny planters on Etsy based off your plant's personality, or just purchase one that makes you smile because it references the Jonas Brothers' "Sucker." Truthfully, we're total succas for all of these planters, and be-leaf you should add at least one to your living space.

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This Planter Is "Simply The Best"

First up is this planter that any Schitt's Creek fan will think is the Schitt. It's decorated with the Rose Apothecary logo, and would be totally approved by David Rose considering his impeccable taste. Snag yourself the Rose Apothecary planter ($25, Etsy), and set it up while streaming your favorite episode.

This Planter Is A Sweet Shoutout To You

Being a plant parent can be exhausting and rewarding. You're always running around, making sure your plants are watered, rotated, and not wilting away. This "plant mom" planter ($12, Etsy) is a sweet shoutout to you and all the work you do on a daily basis for your plant babes.

This Planter Has A Hilarious Pun On It

If you're growing fresh herbs in your kitchen, or simply love a good pun, then you need this "say it ain't cilantro" planter ($15, Etsy). It's both cute and dramatic, much like your houseplants that wilt after receiving a little less attention. Not to mention, it'll make your roommates LOL.

This Planter Is Probably A Jonas Brothers Fan

This planter has a major crush on the Jonas Brothers, and can you even blame it? After watching the music video for "Sucker," you were pulling out old concert tees and turning your speaker up to volume 10. For that reason, you have no choice but to go add this funny planter ($12, Etsy) to your cart RN.

This Planter Won't Let Your Plants Wilt Away

When your plants want to give up, this planter will encourage them to keep growing and glowing. It reads, "I Will Survive" — an ode to Gloria Gaynor's song of the same name. The best part? This cute planter ($13, Etsy) is made for a hanging plant, so you can dress up your lush ivy or spider plant.

This Planter Can Strike A Fun Pose

You likely won't be able to find another planter like this one. It's not only shaped like a mini human, but it has a magnetic base, arms, and legs so you can make it strike poses. Every month or so, you can change up the pose, and reposition the plant via the magnetic holder ($33, Etsy).

This Planter Is An Ode To The 2000s

Have you been reminiscing about the 2000s lately, and all the shows you'd watch as a kid? If so, you need this 2000s planter ($25, Etsy) that has a graffiti-like design. Look closely and you will see Reggie Rocket's eyes from Rocket Power, and Ginger's from As Told by Ginger.

This Planter Looks Too Good To Eat

Let this ramen noodle planter ($55, Etsy) inspire your lunch or dinner plans, and become your plant's newest home. It comes with an air plant, and is hand-painted by the Etsy shop owner and artist. You'll want to display it in your kitchen, where it'll feel right at home.

This Planter Has A Custom Painting Of Your Pet

This personalized pet planter ($40) will make your dog turn its head. The artist and seller uses a photo of your pet to paint an original image onto the pot. The result is stunning, and bound to give you a reason to smile when you walk in the door.

This Planter Is Ready To Party

Day or night, this disco ball planter ($30, Etsy) is ready to party. Hang it near a sunny window, and your room will be covered in little specks of light. The top is cut out, so you can gently place a plant of your choosing inside. Just be sure to remove it when watering.

This Planter Is Tiny And Top-Notch

The tiniest plants in your home deserve a cute planter too, and this mini turtle planter ($5, Etsy) is a top contender. It's one of many miniature animal planters that you can choose from, but will match the greenery of your favorite buds. You can pick out a fox, elephant, or leopard as well.

This Planter Looks Like A Cup Of Boba

Your favorite drink will meet your favorite houseplant with this boba planter ($20, Etsy). It's made to look like a strawberry tea, and stands 4 inches tall. Get one for yourself, and one for your best friend who loves to drink boba.

This Planter Is A Total #Mood

When you're a plant parent, especially a new plant parent, one thought is always on your mind: "Please don't die." This adorable canvas planter ($18, Etsy) has that phrase written on it and is a total #mood. Use it to dress up another, more basic pot.

This Planter Includes Matching Chopsticks

Add this Chinese takeout planter ($10, Etsy) to your home, and you'll receive a matching pair of chopsticks. You won't be able to use them, but they'll still look adorable tucked next to a plant. Plus, you can post the planter on your Instagram with a caption like, "Food or fun planter?"

This Planter Is Straight Chilling

You may be jealous of the hanging plants in your home. After all, they just chill all day. With this sloth planter ($65, Etsy) to support them, your plants will really have it made, and know they have a thoughtful soil mate in you.

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