A happy woman in a floral printed button-down tends to her potted plant outside in the sunshine.

50 IG Captions For Plant Parents Who Want To Show Off Their Best Buds

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Whenever you look at the beautiful blooms and greens in your garden, you feel like a proud plant parent. Your first instinct is to show off your best buds, so go right ahead and post a picture paired with any of these Instagram captions for plant parents. You've worked so hard tending to your plants, so you deserve every like and "OMG, gorgeous" comment that comes your way.

Plants have the power to turn any apartment into a dreamy oasis. A few blooms placed here and there is not only great for decor, but also brings a sweet piece of nature into your space. If you're in the market to add more plant babies to your collection, Bloomscapes, Etsy, and EcoVibe are great sources to find what you're looking for. Your search for trendy planters and pots, herb planting kits, succulents, pet-friendly blooms, and fun gardening decor just got a whole lot easier.

Whether you have only a couple of cute succulents in your windowsill, or every corner in your apartment is filled with clay pots, you're a plant parent. That means you need to keep some plant puns and quotes handy for whenever you want to snap a pic or two for Instagram. Think of these 50 plant parent-inspired captions as the sunshine and water that's necessary to help your photos bloom.


1. "Aloe my plants vera much."

2. "Sorry I was late. I got distracted watering my plants."

3. "Showering my plant babies with all the love."

4. "Proud plant parent."

5. "It's a jungle in here."

6. "Never leaf-ing my plant babies."

7. "Hanging out with my best buds."

8. "Don't stop be-leafin'."

9. "Always be-leaf in yourself."

10. "You grow, girl."

11. "So much beauty in here."

12. "You're looking suc-cute-lent today."

13. "Plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life."

14. "This garden view doesn't succ."

15. "I'm a plant lady. What's your superpower?"

16. "There's no such thing as too many plants."

17. "Keep growing."

18. "Home is where my plants are."

19. "Aloe there, have you seen my beautiful plants?"

20. "Bloomin'."

21. "Simply mint to be."

22. "I love you a lily more each and every day."

23. "Eat, drink, and be rosemary."

24. "Always rooting for my sweet plant babies."

25. "Say aloe to my little friends."

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26. "Bloom where you are planted."

27. "Dear succulents, I promise I'll never desert you."

28. "You can never have too many plants."

29. "Spending quality thyme with my plants."

30. "My plants are looking sharp today."

31. "Plant touch this."

32. "I'm a succa for you."

33. "Can't stop, won't stop buying plants."

34. "Every daisy with you is my favorite."

35. "Long thyme no see."

36. "If you come over, you gotta be nice or leaf."

37. "Just adding a little greenery to your feed today."

38. "Green is the new black."

39. "You had me at aloe."

40. "Cactus makes perfect."

41. "Good chives only."

42. "I'm powered by plants."

43. "I'm telling you once and floral, I'm a proud plant parent."

44. "Stand tall, look sharp, and never desert your dreams."

45. "My plants are the only positive vibes I need."

46. "I'll be planted right here for the rest of the day."

47. "My love is bloomin'."

48. "Pot it like it's hot."

49. "Plants don't tell, they show."

50. "Mint to be planted here with my plants."