These 10 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Are So Unique & Actually Useful

Nothing but the best for your "I do" crew.

It's traditional for a bride to give their bridesmaids a gift before their big day. While this is a superb opportunity to load your friends up with Champagne, matching robes, and stemless wine glasses that say, "I'm in the 'I do' crew," there are so many other bridesmaid gift ideas that are actually unique that you can shop for, too. These are the gifts that'll show your appreciation, and be useful and welcomed additions to your BFFs' homes.

Although any gift is a sweet way to thank your bridal party for their help and support on your wedding day, unique bridesmaid gift ideas can be a bit more personal. They can show your bridesmaids that you will always put time and effort into them like they have done for you between fittings and elaborate crafting nights. Plus, they can be paired with cute, custom jewelry, or wedding-themed candles that smell like roses or the flowers in your bouquet. If you want to give your crew a mix of both classic and unique bridesmaid gifts, you totally can.

The point is that these unique bridesmaid gift ideas will give your BFFs real heart eyes, and won't get put in a cabinet or drawer where they'll never be seen again. Your bridesmaids will actually use and love each of these gifts beyond your big day, and excitedly say, "Yes!" when receiving them.

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This Smart Diffuser You Can Control From Your Phone

First up is this smart diffuser ($44, Pura) that'll make your BFFs' days so relaxing. It pairs with an app on their phone, where they can select how strong they want their scent to be and set a time for their diffuser to go off. You can purchase the device as well as fragrances like capri BLUE's Volcano scent for your bridesmaids.

This Pair Of Furry Slippers For Casual Days

Don't underestimate the power of a comfy pair of slippers. Not only will it be a great gift that takes your BFFs' #OOTD posts to the next level, but it'll also be a useful gift that your people will rely on when they're drinking coffee on a Saturday morning or tuning into a Zoom meeting. This pair of furry slippers ($28, Predominantly Black) can even be worn when you're getting ready on your wedding day.

3.This Starter Pack For A Traditional Vietnamese Meal

A bridal party that's made of foodies will appreciate this gift, which brings Vietnamese lemongrass BBQ to life. The starter pack ($12, Omsom), which includes three delicious seasoning packets, will let your BFFs make a traditional meal with ease. They'll just need to pick a protein like pork or tofu, cook the protein, and then mix it with the seasoning.

Omsom has recipes on its website, which suggest putting this particular meal together with greens, rice noodles, and mint.

This Stunning Corkscrew For Virtual Happy Hours

If your bridesmaid or bridesmaids is 21 and over, then you may want to give them a gift to use during your next virtual happy hour. This winged corkscrew ($19, The Fond Home) will make opening a bottle of wine feel so fancy, thanks to its gilded and intricate design. You can pair it with a small bottle of wine, or give it solo.

This Bundle Of Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

The eco-conscious bride may want to gift their bridesmaids an item that helps the planet, like this bundle of plastic-free bags ($35, The Wholesome Store). The bundle includes two hemp bags and two cotton net produce bags, which your BFFs can use when going to the store, beach, or laundromat. They can also use them at fittings to hold accessories.

This Candle Accessory Kit That's Easy To Use

Why give your BFFs a candle when you could give them this candle accessory kit ($12, Etsy)? It includes a wick trimmer which keeps a candle fresh and ready to be lit, and a dipper which allows you to blow out a candle without creating a lot of smoke in the process. Both items will feel very fresh and luxurious, especially after a bubble bath or afternoon of cleaning.

This Sweatshirt That's Both Cozy And Cute

On your wedding day, you may be wearing white. However, that doesn't mean your bridesmaids can't dress up in a cozy white hoodie ($25, H&M) after you say, "I do." This sweatshirt may just become a new staple in their closet, and will pair so well with jeans, shorts, chinos — anything!

This Counter Mirror For At-Home Photo Shoots

Beyond your big day, your bridesmaids will likely want to use this acrylic counter mirror ($27, Etsy) to get ready each day. It can be easily placed on a dresser or bathroom counter in their home. Plus, it can be a great accessory for photo shoots and Instagram pics.

This Tarot Card Deck For Telling Your BFFs' Futures

The universe brought you and your partner together, but what will be in store for your bridesmaids? Let them find out with a mini tarot card deck ($13, Urban Outfitters). This one includes a guidebook, so they can learn how to properly read the cards and take a glimpse into their futures.

This Matte Phone Case That Comes In Other Colors

Instead of getting your bridesmaids matching jewelry they may never wear, snag them each this matte phone case ($8, Prolific Plus). It comes in 16 different colors including green, black, and nude brown, and can be made to fit a variety of iPhone models. Prolific Plus also has cases for Samsung phones, and awesome accessories for any tech lover like selfie lights.