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These Cozy Christmas Decorations Will Turn Your Home Into A Holiday Rom-Com

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If you've watched a holiday movie on the Hallmark channel, then you know cozy cabins in the winter that are decorated with wreaths and lights are the move. They're picturesque, and seemingly the best places to read a book by the fire, drink wine, and fall in love. These cozy cabin Christmas decorations from big and small sellers alike can transform your home into one of those magical spaces.

You've likely wanted to say goodbye to your apartment in the city, and hello to a quaint home tucked into the mountains after turning off the TV. These pieces made out of firewood can likely make your dreams of luxurious, holiday-themed getaways come true. Once you've set up the handmade reindeer and flannel blankets in your living room, you'll feel like you've just checked into the English cottage from The Holiday, or a hotel building figurine from your family's tiny Christmas village display.

You may feel so content in your cozy vibes that you don't want to even switch out the decor once winter and the holidays come to a close. We get it. So, we here at Elite Daily have gathered up a bunch of decorations so you can recreate that cozy cabin look wherever you may be. Grab a few and let your very own holiday rom-com unfold.

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These Colorful Ornaments Can Fill Your Bowls With Joy

Whether you set up a tree in a corner of your room or not, it's so necessary to grab a colorful pack of ornaments to create the cozy cabin vibes of your dreams. They're not only merry and so bright, but can be used in multiple settings. For example, these opaque ornaments ($20, CB2) can be placed in a wooden bowl, or hung up on a wall with golden hooks.

This Candle Is Hot Cocoa-Scented

A candle is an effective way to set a mood in any room. When it comes to creating a cozy cabin this winter, you should shop no further than this hot cocoa candle ($25, Court's General Store). It'll pair nicely with aromas of freshly baked cookies, warm cups of cinnamon-flavored tea, and snow piles collecting on your windowsills.

This Snowy Cabin Print Is Perfect For A Shelf

Don't neglect your shelves when you're decorating this holiday season. Take down any summery prints you have, and put up a snowy cabin picture instead. This particular print comes with a rustic, wooden frame that'll make your home feel like it's in the forest. It can be leaned against a wall, and sit on a floating shelf next to reindeer figurines, romantic holiday books, and photos of your family.

These Green Placements Will Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Every meal can have a touch of Christmas with these beautiful, green placemats ($100, Goodee). Their quilted look will remind you of a cozy cabin in a Hallmark movie, but are also modern enough to fit in with the rest of your decor. Keep them in your kitchen, so you can easily enjoy them during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These Tiny Dream Catchers Will Give Your Gifts A Cozy, Rustic Look

Do you like to dress up the gifts you buy and place under the tree? If so, these tiny dreamcatchers ($56, Etsy) are for you. Each is very carefully crafted with mini pinecones, feathers, and sprigs of evergreen. They can be tied into your ribbons and bows, and even hung up on the walls if you'd like to look at them often.

This Rustic Wreath Will Dress Up Your Door

Every front door needs a wreath ($90, UrbanStems) around the holidays, and this wreath is filled with rustic bows and pinecones, to turn your home into the cabin of your dreams. Hang it up right before it snows, and then take a picture of your door after all the flakes have fallen. The content you get for your feed will be dreamy.

This Gilded Leaf Banner Will Shine On Your Mantel

When it comes to your fireplace mantel, you may usually set up a few stockings and candles. Make this tiny part of your space a focal point with this gilded leaf banner ($25, Urban Outfitters). Lay it out near figurines, wooden signs that say "Home Sweet Home," and any other garland you may have. If you'd prefer to hang it on your wall, you can also do that, and pair it with a tiny, gold-framed mirror.

This Reindeer Figurine Will Guard Your Stockings

One of your favorite parts of Christmas may be the reindeer. These little animals may make your heart soar whenever you see them fly across the sky in cheesy, holiday films. Dress up your mantle, shelves, or desk with a couple of these reindeer figurines ($13, Crate & Barrel). They'll remind you of the magic of Christmas while guarding your other decor.

This Quilted Blanket Will Be So Cozy Draped On Your Couch

Cozy cabin nights wouldn't be complete without a blanket ($40, Bed Bath & Beyond) that has a flannel pattern. Luckily, this adorable piece exists, and it's ready to be draped over your couch or favorite chair by the TV. One side is sherpa fleece, which is sure to keep you warm on a particularly chilly night.

These Cookies Of Animals In Knit Sweaters Are Beyond Cute

When cookies ($42, Etsy) are this stunning and cute, you can count them as a piece of decor in your home. Each treat looks like a cute, fluffy animal wearing a knit sweater, which is a total cozy cabin vibe. After you order them and they arrive at your door, display them on the most decorative plate you have. Take a picture before you snack on them throughout the season of Hallmark movies and magical decor.

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