7 Legitimate Reasons Why I Want A Dog Before I Have Kids With My Hubby

Nidhin Mundackal/ Unsplash

According to the stereotypical chronology of life, you date, get married, and then have kids. But, I can genuinely say I need a damn dog in the mix.

Don't get me wrong, the idea of creating a human being is beyond beautiful. But right now, I'm all about cute, bedazzled collars and matching leashes. And hey, dogs are "man's best friend" after all.

A dog is a big responsibility, but an entire person? There's hardly a serious enough word to describe that.

Justin Veenema/ Unsplash

My husband and I make a great team, but our life needs a furry companion before a diapered one. We'd certainly benefit from a pup in more ways than one.

Here are seven legitimate reasons why I want a fur baby before a human baby.

1. We'll Share A Responsible Experience Together

The natural transition into parenthood works for some couples, but I definitely need some practice before I take that leap.

You wouldn't run a marathon after not working out for a year, right? Same concept. So, let me own my dog mom-ness first.

2. We'll Be Devoted AF

Marriage is subliminally combining two words into one. This doesn't mean completely erasing the other person's identity, but creating a shared lifestyle.

Having a dog would allow us to both be dedicated to a shared devotion, aside from our love (duh).

3. We'll Learn How To Be Selfless

Matty Sievers/ Unsplash

While marriage certainly peels away some of those selfish layers we often involuntarily have, a dog further does that.

Just like babies, they can't tell you what's wrong or what they want, so you have to invest yourself in assessing those things.

You won't always get it paw-fect, but your efforts are going toward something other than yourself.

4. We'll Become Even Closer

Whether we're bundled on the couch with our pup, or walking him to the park, we'll be bonding in the process.

Having a dog would be the beginning of building an amazing family that neither of us have had before.

5. We'll Work On Compromising


Maybe I'll agree to walk the dog if he washes the dishes, or vice versa.

Not only are we juggling and delegating our #adulting responsibilities, but we're also compromising... and we all know that can be a hardcore struggle.

OK, where's my puppy at?

6. We'll Learn How To Appreciate The Little Things

Teaching our pup to sit and even potty training him will be both exciting and relieving.

Those little conquests will teach my husband and me to appreciate every successes, no matter how seemingly small (and cute) they may be.

7. The Kid Demands Will Be Silenced, For Now


Nothing is more annoying than reaching a major turning point in your life and everyone immediately begins pushing you toward the next one. Getting married summons exactly that.

Can I chill for a sec and live this moment, please?

By the time you finish your vows, people are already asking you to name the first baby after them. Stop it and let me sip this champagne.

Dogs are extremely loyal animals, and hey, marriage has the same quality. I can't say I don't imagine myself having children someday, but the idea always seems to vividly involve having an adorable pup by my side.