8 Damn Good Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Loves Dogs

Robson Hatsukami Morgan/Unsplash

Sometimes, dog owners may get a bad rep for liking their fur baby more than people. Once you have a dog of your own, though, you just understand.

The love between a person and their pup will change them both for good. Dogs have a way of teaching people a lot of things about life that we can't teach ourselves.

For those who have been lucky enough to have a dog in their childhood home, a lot of who they are today is because of their best furry friend.

Dogs teach us about who we are and how we interact with others, including in relationships. Canine owners and enthusiasts will love you differently than just any girl.

Here are eight damn good reasons why you should drop everything and date the girl who loves dogs.

1. She Knows Loyalty

The unconditional love from a dog is unlike any other.

One of the most important things our pets can teach us is the importance of knowing where your loyalties lie. Sometimes, challenges arise with those you love, but you know you'll stick it out and always be on each other's team.

2. You'll Pet A Lot Of Dogs Together


As a lover of the canine species, odds are, she'll be paying attention to a lot of dogs when she should probably pay attention to you.

On the upside, this means you will also get to visit with adorable dogs, all thanks to your main girl.

3. She Likes To Be Active, Too

Dogs keep their people on their feet, running around the house, or taking walks through the neighborhood at all times.

Keeping active with your pets is a great way to spend time together and get the adrenaline pumping. With larger dogs, you can get creative by tagging along on a bike or roller blades.

4. There Will Always Be Lighthearted Moments

There is very little debate in the world about whether dogs make people happy. Of course they do, just look at those adorable faces and wiggly butts.

Being around dogs, or even just dog-related things, is going to make a lot of small moments much happier. Better yet, you can share them with your girl, who will be soaking up every second of pure doggie happiness.

5. Shopping For Her Is Easy

Andrew Pons/Unsplash

For any holiday or occasion, there's a greeting card with a dog on it just waiting for you. The card alone will likely make her day, but a dog-related gift is at the top of the charts.

You can buy something for her with a dog on it, or you can buy something for her dog. You literally cannot go wrong here.

6. You Will Always Know How To Cheer Her Up

Sometimes, a human just can't do the trick to cure a case of the blues. You may need some four-legged help to cheer up your girl.

Thankfully, that's not hard to do. In a pinch, there are millions of dog videos on the internet that can instantly turn any frown into a smile.

7. She Knows How To Take Care Of Someone

Adrianna Calvo/Pexels

Raising a dog isn't much different than raising a human. There's the regular feeding, the impossible task of bathing, and a lot of poop.

She's seen it all, I promise. Your stomach flu won't scare her away; she'll be right next to you to help you through it.

8. You Just Might End Up With A Home Full of Dogs

It's her happily ever after, and you're her Prince Charming.