5 Ways Expressing Daily Gratitude Is The Key To Finding Happiness

by Paul Travis

Life is kind like when Alice fell down the rabbit hole: a thrilling adventure.

We search for our way through the unknown and end up getting lost in a big crazy world.

During the time Alice spent in Wonderland, her main goal was to find her way to happiness, or as she said, "Home."

She ran into many different types of creatures. Some were mean, and some were kind.

Still, she never lost sight of her goal.

We all want one wish: to be happy. Right?

I use "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" as my analogy because of one quote author Lewis Carroll wrote in the book:

It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.

Many of us get lost in the days of the past, the fear of the future or the rushing of the day's events, and we all forget about the present.

I use to be one of them until I turned my life around. And like magic, happiness found its home inside of me.

But it's doesn't stop there because happily ever after does continue.

That is, if you choose for it to.

Committing to a positive life benefits you, the world and the people around you. You will radiate like superstar getting ready to walk the red carpet.

Sounds fun, right? Well that's because it is.

About three years ago, I came into contact with a women who taught me a very valuable lesson and process many people find in the book, "Law of Attraction: Ask, Believe and Receive, Three Principles for Deliberately Manifesting Abundance."

Coming across this idea was the best thing that happened to me.

I knew a dream wasn't meant to be chased, but to be lived.

I came into this world with a heart full of words and a story to be told.

I started off in this town with nothing, and from committing myself to this process, I began making myself into someone.

I pray everyone can get to the point I am in now.

This is why I chose to share what I do daily to make sure you are on the right to track to achieving of happiness we all deserve.

The most important thing to remember is gratitude is the true key to abundance.

Many of the past greats have used this and expressed it through their words, encouragement and teachings.

Did you know Albert Einstein said, "Thank you" 100 times a day?

One of the smartest geniuses knew this, and it helped him create many things we couldn't live without today.

Thank you is the most powerful phrase you can say because you are grateful while saying it, which means you will get more things to be thankful for.

Feel with your heart, think with your heart and act with your heart.

Here are five things I do daily to make sure I stay connected with this power law:

1. Give thanks for your day before it begins.

Before I get up, I say thank you for another day of life.

But, I also think of all I have to do and say thank you, as if it has already been completed.

It helps me complete all my tasks with heart and the confidence that is needed to stay positive.

2. Count your daily blessings.

This is by far my favorite thing to do. I feel so wonderful while doing it.

Once I am settled, I take out my gratitude journal and write 10 things I am truly grateful for.

It can be anything that brings joy to your heart, but once you find your joys, give a reason to why.

I address my blessings by thanking God.

For example, something I would say is, "God, I am so happy and grateful for the inspiration I receive daily to write because it brings joy to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

3. Remind yourself that you create your story.

There is an opposite to everything.

So if something bad happens — no matter how hard it may be — know there is a golden piece of positivity in there.

Try your best to find it. Don't allow any negativity to create the day's chapter.

4. Let go of the control and go with the flow.

Look at the bigger portrait and not as much into the little details.

Allow your faith to take care of it.

Keep your focus on true happiness. Use that passion to ignite you.

Remember the love that brought you here and the abundance that will be waiting for you.

5. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

When someone tries to shut you down, that is just the universe reminding you to keep going.

Everything you want is already here. If it wasn't, how could you dream of it?

Don't be afraid to ask for what you truly want, and most importantly, don't forget to believe because that is when you will receive.

In my life, I've faced many struggles that have left me feeling lost and broken.

But with this magical process, I turned all those heartbreaks into the successes I knew I deserved.

I am a fighter; I never give up, and neither should you.

Use these five steps to help get yourself to the finish line, but don't stop there. Keep on going.

Happiness is yours when you say it is.