5 Types Of Roommates You'll Inevitably Experience Throughout College

by Tessa Harvey

For a lot of us, college is the first time we're off on our own without a backup plan. We get to make a lot of our own choices without our parents' input, for better or for worse. And although we may not be under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad, we still have a few people around to check up on us... aka, our roommates.

Your college roommates are like snowflakes; each one you meet is unique with their different personality and style, and your relationship with each will be very different as a result. Some roommates will turn out to be your BFFs, while others may very well be toxic AF to your life. That being said, you can fit most roommates into one of five separate categories. Here are the five different types of roommates you'll meet in college, one way or another.

1. The One Who Got Away

Jacob Lund/Fotolia

This is the roommate you were matched up with and maybe even chatted with the summer before freshman year for awhile, but... she just never actually became your roommate. It wasn't that you didn't like her; circumstances just didn't work out. Maybe you changed dorm rooms, or she didn't come to the school, but either way, it just didn't happen. *Cue the tears*

2. Your IRL BFF

Boris Jovanovic

Yeah, everyone says not to live with your best friend, but you still do it (we all do, TBH). Sometimes it doesn't work out, but when it does, you're in for the best roommate of your life. Cue the endless late-nights gossiping and laughing, perfectly stocked kitchen cupboards, and never getting anything done because you're always having way too much fun.

3. The Blind Match

Guille Faingold

The blind match is the girl you got matched up to room with but have never met. You were really worried she was going to be completely different from you and you'd have a seriously rough year, but you were so, totally wrong. The blind match becomes one of your besties, and neither of you can believe how lucky you were to meet each other and become roommates.

4. She Who Must Not Be Named

Sometimes, the roommate sitch can be rough. "She Who Must Not Be Named" turned out to be a great frenemy, but not the greatest roommate. You kind of got on each other's nerves, and it ended in a passive-aggressive agreement to stay friends and not roommates. Or, you went separate ways all together.

5. The Ghost

Studio Firma

The Ghost was great... when you saw her, which was hardly ever. She had basically the most thriving social life you've ever seen, so props to her. You guys got along, and you could have been besties, but you lived your own lives, and that was OK, too.