7 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Actually Makes The Perfect Roommate

by Samantha Fryzol

You always hear the warnings about moving in with your BFF.

You're going to get sick of each other; it'll be uncomfortable if someone doesn't pick up the slack; you don't know how financially stable they are on their own, etc.

Yes, these are all very good points and they're important to think about, but I can confidently give you WAY more reasons you should just pack your crap up and move in with your BFF.

1. You can share everything

Number freakin' one: mi closet es su closet, and vice versa.

If you're like me and break down every Friday night when you have nothing to wear, it's a good thing your BFF is your roomie. You basically double your clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Lucky you and lucky her!

Just make sure that if you borrow something, you stay away from the red wine. Been there, done that and had to buy another shirt. Sorry, Ang.

2. Your BFF already knows and loves your brand of crazy

You know each other. You know how the other handles family issues, boy drama and work stress.

If one of you looks like you need a drink after a long day, you know which red to grab... or bottle of liquor, depending on just how bad the day really was.

Your BFF doesn't judge you when you're Facebook stalking that guy you saw in your apartment building once three months ago and "accidentally" end up on his sister's friend's cousin's dog's account. Is that weird? No, that's just how she rolls.

You don't have to worry about someone trying to make you talk about your feelings because you are NOT that kind of girl; your BFF will be there to sit, listen to you complain and then buy you pizza for your heartache.

No one else will put up with you after six Jäger shots like your best friend will. You accept each other's crazy; you embrace it.

...And sometimes you build on it and create an entirely new breed of psycho bitch -- and, for that, we salute you.

3. It's like living with your SO, only better

The best days are when you wake up hungover to a sticky note reading,

Good morning! Took the trash out, there is a bagel and Gatorade in the fridge for you!

This is real life.

Usually you need to threaten your boyfriend to do these things, but nope, best friends do them with significantly fewer threats needed, and it's great.

Your BFF puts the toilet seat down, leaves you leftovers and WANTS to go to happy hour with you. Can you beat that? I don't think so.

4. Your apartment is stylish AF

Odds are if you're best friends, you have similar taste. This makes it a whole hell of a lot less complicated when it comes to decorating.

You won't be afraid to hurt any feelings when you tell your roommate to put that aggressive collection of dream catchers out of sight, but to keep that incredibly adorable boho rug out for the living room.

Who wants to fight over a wedding registry when you can make a housewarming one with your BFF and agree on Kate Spade kitchen accessories and an oversized painting of a dog with a flower crown?

On a separate note, I absolutely have an oversized painting of a dog with a flower crown; it is my spirit animal and the best purchase ever. YOLO.

5. You have a live-in security guard to protect you from making terrible decisions

Whether it's drunk texting your ex, boss or that guy you briefly met from Tinder, your BFF will have your back to smack you and that phone right out of your hand.

I'm sure we can all agree drunk texts rarely work out well for anyone.

Your roommate will also be there to listen about your breakup or help talk you out of pursuing those two fuckboys down the hall.

Unlike normal roomies, your BFF doesn't have any choice but to sit there, listen and be honest... maybe too honest, but that's why you're best friends to begin with.

6. You have a 24/7 drinking partner

To best explain, take it from Kendrick Lamar:

Pour up (drank), head shot (drank) Sit down (drank), stand up (drank) Pass out (drank), wake up (drank) Faded (drank), faded (drank)

Enough said.

7. Your roommate will love you no matter what

This is the lamest, most honest and most convincing reason to live with your BFF.

For some reason -- through your stubbornness, craziness and weirdness -- your BFF loves you unconditionally.

You will find very few people who'll push you to be your best, help carry you home from the bar after you had too many martinis, argue and stand up for you, and who won't kill you after you spill red wine on her brand new white tank top you JUST HAD to wear.

Cheers to all those people living it up with their BFFs -- through thick and thin, tequila shots and leftover fries.

These are the people who make life worth living.

And, when in doubt, always remember: You aren't regular roomies, you're BFF roomies. (And if you didn't get the "Mean Girls" reference, you can't live with us!)