10 Types Of Photos To Post On Instagram Guaranteed To Rack Up More Followers


If you've been lacking in the follower count department lately, all hope is not lost.

There are some easy changes you can make to your pictures to take your following from subpar to absolutely fabulous.

Let's face it: We're all about doing it for the 'gram.

First and foremost, shake things up! Keep your followers intrigued, and always leave them craving more of your content.

Look at things from a different, unique angle. Sometimes, it's the best option to take the road less traveled.

We already know the kinds of photos that will make a guy unfollow you, but here are 10 types of pictures that will actually BOOST your Instagram follower count:

1. Candids are clutch, while poses are totally passé.

Posed pictures are rarely the gems of the bunch.

You know the kind I'm talking about: The snapshot of your main girl squad posing in a line, with each bookend putting her hand on her hip.

We've already been there, done that and crushed it back in high school. The all-too-perfect *posed* pose is, simply put, exhausted.

Candid shots with natural smiles and laughter capture the emotion of the moment perfectly. They'll most likely attract more attention than a forced pose.

2. I'm all about a vibrant, tropical picture.

First off, choose colors and backgrounds that pop with your outfit and the vibe you're going for. Secondly, choose your filters wisely.

No one is going to go for the double tap if your photos look oh-so-TOTALLY drab. Put the vibrancy into your picture that it deserves, and raise the saturation while you're editing.

Most of us would rather follow an account that makes us happy with fun, dynamic and spirited pictures, rather than one full of dark mirror selfies.

3. Try the unique, themed shot.

Establish a theme.

Although this step requires major planning for each post, it's so chic when your profile follows a theme.

Highlighting the same tones and colors throughout your page is a key tip recommended by fashion bloggers.

4. You need a photo that goes the extra mile.

If you're taking a picture of your trendy new booties, go that extra mile and take them outside on a cobblestoned sidewalk, on top of a pile of bright leaves... rather than on the hardwood floor of your apartment.

And that box of chocolate-covered strawberries bae so sweetly bought you? Organize them on a beautiful platter, and put a bottle of wine and two glasses next to them.

It doesn't hurt to have your bouquet of fresh flowers in the corner of the shot, either.

5. Explore a picture that screams it's ALL in the details.

Have fun with it! Fashionistas out there crave the little details that make a shot extra special.

Create balance by always filling the extra space in a picture with something else, whether it's your trendy clutch purse or stellar shades.

6. Get inspired by Kylie Jenner and use the sunset shot.

Lighting is such a key factor for getting the ultimate, 'grammable picture.

Look at yourself in past pictures and figure out what your prime photo qualities and poses are. Some people may look better showing their pearly whites, while others might decide rocking a closed smile or fierce look is their forte.

7. You don't need to get carried away with photo editing when you use the natural, fun picture.

OK, listen up: There's nothing worse than doctoring each and every picture to the max.

It's not natural, and it usually ends up making your picture look worse than the OG.

8. You can't go wrong with a food porn picture.

I think we can all agree there's nothing quite like a delicious, instantly salivating food porn picture.

It has to be both spectacular and downright ridiculous. This also requires you taking it at just the right angle, too.

You can expect instant follows from the hardcore foodies out there.

9. I'm obsessed with the chic jacket shot.

This one speaks for itself. It shows people you're fly and stylish AF.

10. Get inspired by the spectacular travel picture that evokes instant wanderlust.

Overall, define your personal brand on Instagram the way you want your followers to see you as.

Have fun with it, and ALWAYS dare to be different.