8 Types Of Drunk Best Friends You'll Make In College, And Keep In Your 20s

In college, we make a few too many best friends while we're partying it up... and we wouldn't have it any other way.

As we're sipping our favorite can of (cheap) beer, many of us feel a lot more open, more chatty, and a little bit happier all around.

At least if you meet your besties when you're a tad tipsy, you also meet their epic drunk personalities, so you know exactly what to expect when you're up for a girls' night out.

From the drama queen, to the mom of the squad, here are the eight types of drunk best friends you'll make in college, and keep in your 20s.

Guille Faingold

1. The Crier

This girl has a strong head on her shoulders when she's sober, but when she lets the wine flow, you'll have to stock up on a lot more tissues by the end of the night.

She seems to have a tear to shed about everything, from the adorable puppy someone just re-posted on Facebook, to (quite understandably) the f*ckboy who played with her heartstrings.

2. The Mom

When she's drunk, this BFF turns into a part-time mom.

She has one thing in mind when she's tipsy, and that's to keep you on track. Whether she's passing out free advice to strangers in the bathroom, or making a sandwich for your other drunk besties, her heart of gold always has good intentions.

3. The Disappearing Act


This is the girl who gets drunk, then peaces out.

She's literally Houdini; you swear you have an eye on her, and then the next thing you know, she's executed the disappearing act of the century.

You all love her endlessly, but you know a night out with her means you better be on your best watch... or you'll end up getting Snapchats of her eating at the diner across campus without you.

4. The One You Have To Babysit

Studio Firma

Between consistently losing her ID at the bar and running down the sidewalks screaming, to grabbing drinks that straight-up don't belong to her (OOPS), you have your hands full making sure she gets home in one piece.

But, this gem never fails to give you all of the best laughs.

5. The Hollywood Actress

What's a friend squad without the beloved drama queen for some prime entertainment?

You all know that when this one gets drunk, you're in for an epic show. Whether it's a dramatic re-telling of her last breakup, a messy encounter with an ex-bae, or a loud screaming match with one of your other besties in the middle of the street, she steals the show.

6. The Flirt


You can't bring this friend to a bar and not expect her to add a new guy or girl to her list of admirers.

She can charm anything with a pulse when she's sober; give her a few drinks, and this total queen has the whole place willing to drop down to one knee.

7. The Noisemaker

When this girl is drunk, her octave easily goes up three levels.

She's shouting, "SHOTTTS!" at the bar every 10 minutes, and when she's trying to tell a story, she yells the whole time.

You can't help but smile when you think of this girl, because the crew wouldn't be complete without her.

8. The Party Pro

Somehow, even though this friend was up all night long drinking and dancing, she wakes up just fine... while you have the worst hangover ever.

She has coffee ready for you and the others, and she's out the door to grab breakfast before you even open your eyes. OH, and she already uploaded all of the pics from last night and tagged you on FB.

TBH, I really don't know how she does it... but she makes some damn good coffee.