7 Things That Happen When Your Party Friend Turns Into A Real Friend

In college, my party friend and I did everything -- from starring in a last-minute music video, to somehow figuring out how to get free drinks at any bar we went to.

There's nothing like having a go-to friend who you know will always be down for your random (and probably dangerous) adventure ideas.

When you make plans with this friend, you're guaranteed a fun night, where both of you challenge each other to be crazier (and more fun) than the weekend before.

The term "party friend" can sometimes have a negative connotation, but my party friends have honestly always been my favorite. What's a friendship if you're not constantly erupting in laughter every five minutes?

Your party friend doesn't have to just be someone you get in trouble with, but someone who is down for anything because they're brave, hilarious and smart about the situations you get yourselves into.

Some of my best college memories are with my party friend. And when we graduated, years later we somehow ended up as roommates.

Though we had never lived together (or really spent much time sober together) in college, I took a leap and hoped it would turn out for the best.

Thank god it did.

Now, I have a great friend in my life who not only got to witness me at my craziest, but is now one of the most trustworthy and important people in my life.

Here are seven things that happen when your quintessential "party friend" turns into a real friend:

1. You realize you've reached the pinnacle goal of friendship.

A friend who is reliable and endlessly fun to be around is the total package. This is the unicorn friend package; it's like finding a boyfriend who is not only super nice to you, but can entertain himself when you're around your friends at a party.

A friendship that is as well rounded as this one is super rare, so make sure you hold onto this BFF for years to come.

2. Your trust in her sees new levels.

Sure, you could always trust her to join you on your insane adventures, but now you can trust that she has your back IRL, too.

Having your party friend also be your best friend ensures she'll not only be ready to listen to you as you sob your eyes out after a breakup, but she'll also be the person to scoop you up and take you to the bar for celebratory single drinks.

3. You stay challenged.

Recently, my ex party friend-turned-roommate and I were out on Saturday night at our favorite bar.

Without discussing it at all beforehand, she just turned to me and started pointing to random guys.

"Go talk to that guy in the blue jacket," she said, and pointed.

Without thinking, I did as she told me, and boldly went up to the guy and started a conversation. And then I went up to another guy, and another.

Sometimes you get into funks when you go out, but challenging each other to get outside of your comfort zones keeps life exciting when most of your time is spent at your 9 to 5.

4. You remain forever young.

Just when life gets boring, your "party friend" challenges you to up the ante.

5. You're the ultimate travel buddies

You can't just travel with any friend.

When you're spending those possibly irritable moments with each other (like waiting around in airports for hours), it's easy to get annoyed if you're not with the right person.

The whole point of traveling somewhere new is to find adventure. There's no better person to explore uncharted territories with than your party friend, and when your relationship evolves outside of the party, there's no limit to how much fun you guys can have together.

6. You value their other qualities just as much.

Often, someone who can have fun anywhere is someone who doesn't pass judgment before they really know the situation they're in.

Friends who are nonjudgmental are so meaningful in your 20s and 30s, when you're still bringing new people into your life.

7. Your life is more balanced.

Of course the two of you love going out for a wild night reminiscent of your glory days, but the two of you are just as content with having a wine and cheese night indoors, complemented by the latest episode of "Teen Mom."

OK, I'm told I'm literally the only one who still watches "Teen Mom," but you get the point.

Every girl needs a party friend in her life, but having that party friend cross over from drunk BFF to actual soul sister is a blessing that can only come with the rite of passage of adulthood.