7 Very Real Times Your 'Party Friend' Is Actually Your Best Friend

by Megan Cary

Everyone should have a single party friend -- whether you're looking for a partner-in-crime or someone to bring you out of your comfort zone, there is no better sidekick than the party girl.

When you're in a relationship, your party friend will always be there when you need to cut loose. She'll also be there to help you survive and navigate the dating world when you're single.

There are many times to be thankful for your party friend; here are the 7 different situations in which I most often appreciate mine.

1. When you need a wingwoman.

Your party friend is probably the best wingwoman you've ever had. Your friends in relationships can try to set you up, but no one will be as effective as your party friend. She may not be the most subtle, but she'll get the job done.

One time, when things weren't progressing as quickly as I wanted with a crush at a party, my friend found a roll of duct tape and literally taped us together.

Your party friend can get away with such a bold and silly move because, well, she's probably tipsy and a little crazy. In case you were wondering, the duct tape move totally worked.

2. When you need to let loose and have fun.

Whether you've had a long week at work or are struggling emotionally, your party friend is always down to party. She'll be the perfect distraction and won't ask any questions.

She won't pressure you to talk or think about your problems because you've got someone hell bent on keeping you smiling (and drinking).

3. When she already knows all your problems.

Even when you don't want to talk and explain whatever is going on that is making you want to let loose, you'll probably end up telling her after a few drinks.

She'll keep you smiling while you're out, but knows all the details (and will be there for you) when you're ready to really and soberly talk.

4. When you need someone to go hard.

Even when your wifed-up, boring friends do actually go out, they probably won't stay out past midnight. They'll DD for you, but they're not letting loose.

Your party friend will stay until last call with you and match you shot for shot (and she'll do it without judgment).

5. When you need someone to take care of you.

Whether it's holding your hair back, splitting the cab, walking home together at 3 am or fending off creepy guys on the dance floor, it's always safer to have a buddy.

She'll make sure you make decisions you won't regret. For example: If you want her to, she'll stop you from texting your ex or going home with a stranger. She's the perfect combination of danger and comfort.

6. When you need someone to understand.

No one understands your quarter-life crisis more than your party friend. No one understands how you can vent and cry for half an hour about how much you hate boys but then spend the night with one.

She understands all the hardships and awkwardness of 2016 dating. She gets it.

7. When you need advice.

Your party friend will tell it to you straight. She'll help you pick an outfit, tell you when you've missed curling a piece of hair at the back and let you know when your selfie isn't as cool as you think it is.

She'll help you scope out guys when you're too drunk and she'll also be your moral compass when you throw your inhibitions out the window.

Your party friend is there for you... no matter what.