8 Things Things That Happen When You And Your Sister BFF Are Long-Distance

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If you grew up with a great sister, she was probably by your side for everything. And if your adult life took you to completely different zip codes, you know the struggle of being miles apart can be all too real. You miss having your sister BFF around as your partner in crime, but you've made the distance work the best way you could. Even though you're not living under the same roof, you still find ways to keep your bond alive. It's definitely a different vibe when you're sisters who live far away, but that doesn't mean your sisterly bond isn't as strong as ever.

You know you'll see your sister at any major holiday or family get-together, but that doesn't stop you from interacting with each other on a daily basis. Your friendship may be on opposite ends of the country, but you act like she's literally right there. In fact, here are eight things that you and your sister probably do now that you're long-distance that are unique to true sister BFFs.

1. You Send Random Things In The Mail

When you and your BFF are long-distance, you love to send them care packages. Instead of the essentials you usually find in a care package, you send your sister anything that instantly makes her think of you. It ends up being a sweet box of the most random things you can find that will undoubtedly put a smile on her face.

2. Most Of Your Vacations Are Just Trips To See Her


You know how long the flight is to your sister because you've spent hours planning trips to visit her. Your vacation time is basically the ultimate excuse to just hop on a plane and hang out with your sis. Even if your sister lives in a prime tourist destination, you're only excited to see her.

3. You Text All The Time

No matter what time of the day it is, you're texting your sister. Sometimes, you text things that don't even make sense to an outsider. You want to keep in touch with your sis as much as possible, so you're constantly sending her funny articles and gifs so you both can LOL.

4. You Have Scheduled FaceTime Dates On Your Calendar

You and your sister will block off time in your weekly schedule for FaceTime dates. Your conversations could just be super quick updates on each other's lives, but all that truly matters is feeling like you're in the same room together again. Heck, you'll even snap a screenshot so you'll have a picture of your time together hanging out to post on Facebook.

5. There's Way Less Fighting

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Since you don't see your sister as much, you fight way less. Silly things like her borrowing your favorite sweater or changing the channel on the TV aren't problems anymore, so there are fewer things to get upset over. Your relationship could even get stronger now that you're further away.

6. You Know How To Get Creative On Birthdays

You can't always see your sister on her birthday, so you have to get creative with how you celebrate it. Sure, you could just send her a card (and you know she'll love it because it came from you), but you want to do so much more. You'll do as much as you can from where you are to make sure your sister has the best birthday ever. That includes sending her adorable gifts in the mail or throwing her a surprise party.

7. You Stalk Her On Social Media

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You don't always get the play-by-play on your sister's life, so you have to resort to stalking her online. When you see a new guy pop up on her Instagram story, you immediately text her demanding to know what the deal is with this dude. You need to stay in the know about everything, even the things she doesn't think are worthy to text you about.

8. You Don't Share Clothes, But You Share TV Shows

You can't share closets anymore, so you share other things, like your Netflix password. You share your online streaming services, so you both can get caught up on the same shows, and then gossip about them later on. Your sister is the best TV watching partner, and you'll stay up-to-date so you don't have to worry about any spoilers the next time you talk.