9 Skeleton Makeup Tutorials That Are Nothing Short Of Mesmerizing

We're a little over a month away from the big day -- Halloween, that is. If you haven't noticed, people get hella hyped up about Halloween months in advance. Everyone's excited about what costume they'll be, the parties they'll hit up, the excessive and highly-anticipated amount of candy they'll score, and just having an all-around blast with their friends. It's kind of a pretty major deal. But somehow, even though we know it's coming, there are a few of us who never seem to have a costume prepared. You know who you are (I know I'm definitely guilty of this time and time again). You either procrastinate, or you're just hardcore stumped on what you want to be. Before you know it, it's a week before Halloween, and you still have absolutely no clue what you're going to wear. This year, to make the decision-making process easier on yourself, embrace some skeleton makeup tutorials. You may be wondering how to do skeleton makeup, and we have you covered.

Seriously, what's a more traditional Halloween look than a cool skeleton costume, anyway? Keep it classic this year, and you won't have to look back with any regrets of scrambling last-minute. If you're worried the spooky look is a little too complex for your makeup skills, don't fret. These YouTubers break it down for you. After a few trial rounds, you'll be a pro. These nine skeleton makeup tutorials are spooky enough to get the approval of all of your friends and win the costume contest. Happy haunting.

1. Melting Skull Makeup

This tutorial is so bad*ss, right down to the pink velvet choker. Talk about drop-dead gorgeous, amiright? Teal hair is not required, but it looks seriously dope.

2. Half Skull And Expose Spine

You'll psych everyone at the party out with this trippy exposed spine. The makeup looks a little complicated, but don't sweat it. After a few tries, your makeup magician skills will shine.

3. Half Skull Face

Want to go all-out skeleton for Halloween but still be glam? This half skull look is the best of both worlds. Plus, you'll only have to focus on the skeleton makeup for half of your face. It's truly a win-win.

4. Neon And Blacklight Skull

If you're going to a blacklight party this year, you definitely have to try this skeleton makeup look. The glowing neon features are creepy, to say the least. No one's going to question you winning the costume contest with this cool makeup.

5. Mermaid Tears Clown Skeleton

This look is the perfect compromise for the person who's still somewhat convinced they should've been a mermaid. We've all been there if that's not our current mindset. I don't know about you, but I'm digging the vibrant smokey eye on this design.

6. Hyper-Realistic Skull

Is the classic black and white skeleton look not your cup of tea? Lucky you, because this look is so realistic and super spooky. You'll get a ton of epic Halloween pictures, that's for sure.

7. Pink And Teal Skull

Cotton candy inspiration, anyone? The best part about this tutorial is the bright combination of colors. No one said a skeleton makeup look had to be creepy.

8. Arctic Skeleton Makeup

I'll be honest, this makeup is straight-up stunning. Right down to the icy eyelashes, you'll be an ice queen who rose from the dead to make an epic appearance on Halloween. Don't forget the long white dress, and you're set to slay it.

9. Puzzle Skull

This look gets all the points. It's spooky, seasonal, mysterious, and it has a fun twist. What more could you want from your Halloween costume? This one totally wins the costume game.