13 Things Only Siblings With Large Age Gaps Will Understand

by Nikhita Mahtani

Did anyone ever mistake your little brother or sister for your... child?

Honestly, when you have such a huge age gap with your sibling, people are always slightly confused.

My little sister is seven and a half years younger than I am, which is kind of insane.

Most siblings aren't that far apart in age, which means they pretty much go through life together, navigating issues along the way. But when your sibling is so much older or younger than you are, you're always at different stages in your life.

This definitely changes your relationship... but in a GOOD way. Here are 13 things only siblings who have a huge age gap will understand:

1. You used to treat your sibling like a doll.

Remember when they were younger and you could dress them up however you wanted, without them saying anything?

Yeah... you can't do that anymore.

2. You always ask what the new slang words mean.

"On fleek" sounded like complete gibberish to you until your little sibling explained what it was.

Sadly, by the time you got the hang of some of it, there were more slang words around that you totally didn't understand.

3. You never fight... because there's nothing to fight about.

You don't wear the same clothes, have the same interests, or have crushes on the same people.

So really, what do you have to fight about?

4. It was REALLY HARD to watch TV together.

It's slightly better now, but while growing up, it was super hard finding a show you could watch together.

Your choices were either "Teletubbies" (aka, boring AF) or "Gossip Girl" (which was totally not age-appropriate).

5. You actually give great advice.

Because you're so much younger or older, you offer a perspective your sibling wouldn't get from friends.

Sometimes, your sibling needs someone older and wiser telling them what to do... and other times, a playful perspective will change how the older sibling approaches things.

You always rely on one another, no matter how big the age gap might be.

6. You bond over your embarrassing parents.

You both know your parents are super embarrassing: They don't understand the new trends either, and they're constantly trying to find a way to reach both of you at the same time.

Sorry, mom and dad: You never will.

7. You constantly have to hear how you're "too old" or "too young."

My little sis has called me a grandma on multiple occasions, and when I hear about her partying college ways, I get all nostalgic about my own.

But despite all your teasing, you can't live without each other.

8. You got really good at this whole long-distance relationship thing.

One of you was always away at college, and so you had to get really good at keeping in touch while the other was away.

Martí Sans

It wasn't always easy, but it definitely brought you closer together.

9. You never act your age.

If you're older, you'll always have a lighthearted edge about you... and it's all thanks to your younger sibling helping you not take life too seriously.

Similarly, if you're younger, your older sibling always helped you look at things in a more mature way. So, you're kind of an old soul.

10. You have the BEST stories about your sibling's teenage meltdowns.

You remember them when you're the older sibling because you were always trying to help your little brother or sister navigate the terrifying world of being a teenager, and you remember them as the younger sibling because you were always looking up to your big bro or sis.

As a result, you have amazing stories about each other growing up. But you'd never share them; that would just be too mean.

11. You're INSANELY protective.

If ANYONE tries to hurt your little sibling, your wrath comes out.

You're protective as hell, and you remember how hard your formative years were: You don't need anyone ruining it for your little one.

And forget about significant others: If you don't give your approval, that relationship just isn't happening.

12. You're sometimes lost when they tell you about their interests.

You have no idea why your little sibling is into that new band that sounds like people screaming, and your sibling is clueless about the yoga habit you picked up – in fact, they think it just makes you look old.

You try really hard to understand each other, but realize it just won't happen sometimes.

13. Despite all your differences, you're still BFFs.

You wouldn't trade your sibling for the world, and you know the opposite is also true.

Your differences only bring you closer together, and you know you have each other's backs, no matter what.